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How to make a homemade planetarium at home?

In practice, each of us sometimes wants to relax and rest after a hectic, long working day. But how to do it without leaving your home? Especially if the window is winter, and the weather limits our choice.

A great solution could be planetarium in your home. Make a planetarium at home we have the opportunity Homestar. This device allows you to create an image of a clear night sky right in your room, in other words, you can have a planetarium in your house. The device is very compact and easy to use.

This gadget has many more useful features. With it, you can create an unforgettable romantic atmosphere in your home if you want to spend time with your loved one. Also, the device Homestar very useful for studying and practicing astronomy.

This device works very simply. It is a kind of pro-core that transmits an image through a special lens. In addition, it practically does not overheat.

As for the price of the gadget, I can’t say for sure, although it seems that the cost is not the lowest.

10 Levenhuk LabZZ SP10

With the best compact projector Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 you can get basic knowledge about the universe. This is one of the most realistic planetariums that allows you to see the location of stars and even observe the trajectory of their movement. Conveniently, the projection can be tilted both horizontally and vertically. The number of astronomical objects is 10,000, including constellations.

Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Planetarium can be used not only to study astronomy, but also to have a good rest. It has a relaxing effect, and before going to bed, you can put the device into automatic mode, which automatically turns off after 30 minutes. The package includes two removable disks, a user manual and a movable card. Pros: Autonomous power supply from 4 AA batteries, ease of use. Cons: there is no function of shooting stars and a protective cover for the lens.

9 HomeStar Aurora Alaska

The HomeStar Aurora Alaska home planetarium is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the starry sky, regardless of the weather outside. The unique system, consisting of three lenses, provides a clear and contrasting image. It changes dynamically, depending on the projection time. This is the only planetarium that alternately shows a sunny sunset, the night sky and the northern lights.

Another advantage is the built-in speakers. Together with the HomeStar Aurora Alaska planetarium, you can not only admire the stars, but also listen to calm music. You can independently adjust its volume and even connect headphones through a special connector located on the body. The planetarium functions autonomously, for 4-5 hours of its continuous operation, one set of AA batteries is sufficient.

8 Edu Toys Researcher

You can study not only the starry sky, but also the depths of the ocean together with the best Explorer Projector from Edu Toys. The main thing that distinguishes it from other devices in the rating is 40 cards! By inserting them into the projector, you will see distant nebulae, coral reefs, the most beautiful planets and much more. The optimal distance for the projection is only 2 meters. At higher altitudes, the image will be blurry and fuzzy.

Keep in mind that the Explorer planetarium is installed on a special stand that comes with the kit. The tilt of the projection is easily adjustable, allowing you to direct the image to the ceiling or walls. Advantages: self-determination of focus, high detail, battery life. Three R14 format batteries are enough to connect the device, but they are not included, so they will have to be bought separately.

7 Bresser Junior Delux

Colorfulness, brightness and realism are the main features of the home planetarium Bresser Junior Delux. He is able to project 8,600 stars and 61 constellations, while simulating the daily rotation of the celestial sphere. Even more realistic is the shooting star feature, which runs along with the main program. The device projects the lines of the constellations, so that they can be quickly found and easily remembered.

The Bresser Junior Delux Planetarium can be installed on any smooth surface. It does not require complicated maintenance, runs on three AA batteries and is equipped with an automatic shutdown timer. An excellent choice for trips, as it is able to project images even on the tent tent from the inside. Pluses: traditional German quality, environmental friendliness and 100% safety for the child. Cons: poorly detailed image, due to which some stars merge.

6 HomeStar Pro 2 Original

The main advantage of the HomeStar Pro 2 Original planetarium is its high power. It can be used to project focused images onto ceilings whose height reaches 2.9 m. An excellent choice for studying the starry sky, since this planetarium does not distort astronomical projections. The kit includes a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of the celestial sphere and run the function of shooting stars without getting up from the couch.

The HomeStar Pro 2 Original Planetarium is made of high-quality dark plastic and equipped with a powerful LED emitter. Not only detailed instructions are attached to the device, but also a color astronomical map. With its help, it will be possible to quickly find the stars and myriads of interest on the projected image. Planetarium pluses: built-in timer with the ability to program the device’s operating time, large projection area and stylish design.

5 BONDIBON Young Prodigy

The best price among the rating nominees is offered by an experimental set from the manufacturer Bondibon of the Young Wunderkind series. The reviews note that, unlike more expensive devices, this home planetarium is a great gift for children who are fond of science and love to assemble devices themselves. Thus, a journey through the galaxy is preceded by a study of the structure of the home planetarium, and upon completion of its assembly, the child can already enjoy the effect of real reality created by his own hands, which is doubly nice!

This scientific and educational set contains detailed instructions and a diagram for constructing an apparatus transmitting an image of the starry sky, and also includes interesting facts about space - what is zero gravity, why are space stations needed, what does the human body feel during overloads, what are the features of going out into outer space and many others. Home planetarium will help to develop horizons and encourage further study of astronomy. As for the quality of the device, users note that for a low cost it is justified, however, far from ideal is a flimsy design, the need to periodically glue parts. At the same time, despite a clear drawback, buyers continue to unequivocally recommend the goods for purchase.

4 SITITEK AstroEye

Home planetarium "Citytek AstroAy", according to experts, is one of the most successful models of a star projector. Specialists, having enlisted the support of users, awarded him a nomination for the best value for money. In comparison with other rating nominees having similar characteristics, this is indeed the most attractive modification. Judge for yourself!

A planetarium with a rotatable body is capable of projecting up to 8 thousand celestial objects on a flat surface, including a vertical one - that is, an impromptu sky can cover both the ceiling and walls. You feel a little a bit the center of the universe, which is available for manual focusing of constellations and stars. The package includes two discs, a spectacular poster and a book devoted to the signs of the zodiac. Among the advantages mentioned in the reviews, viewing modes of the starry sky from both hemispheres, auto power off after a given period of time, high accuracy and the ability to choose the projection by date and time.

3 Eastcolight

The Istkolayt home planetarium is a device that projects a starry sky onto a smooth surface with a 3D effect. The device will be an excellent purchase in a home with children. The projector can seriously captivate a child with astronomy - the sky seems so realistic - voluminous and infinite. The model looks so attractive in the eyes of customers thanks to the outstanding characteristics of the device - 8 thousand stars, built-in radio, functions of the movement of the sky, falling stars and comets, a timer.

A feature of the projector, noticed in the reviews, is multimedia speakers that allow you to connect various gadgets to the device and listen to music, or turn on your favorite radio station. For children who are accustomed to falling asleep under fairy tales and songs, this is a great alternative.

2 Star Theater Pro Uncle Milton

The Star Theater Pro Uncle Milton Planetarium will help you turn a conventional ceiling into a dome of sparkling stars. Its key advantage is a bright LED with a cool white color. It provides projection of a very clear image on any surface. An improved lens system will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the starry sky without glare and haze. The kit includes a power cable, two disks and detailed Russian-language instructions.

Together with the Star Theater Pro Uncle Milton planetarium, the projection can be not only static, but also mobile. The best choice for those who like to watch the night sky. This planetarium projects up to 10,000 stars at the same time! It is located on a stable stand that can be rotated in any direction. Pros: the ability to adjust the focus, indicator lights and attractive futuristic design.

1 Segatoys Homestar Classic

The best-selling home planetarium, based on reviews, is the Segatois Homestar Classic starry sky projector. A distinctive feature of this device is a special lens system with which the planetarium projects over 60 thousand stars, filling the room with a mysterious radiance. The model includes a pair of basic disks (Starry Sky and Constellation), and also provides one disk to choose from: Planet Earth, Solar System, Northern Lights, View from the Moon, etc.

Rotation of the sky is possible clockwise and counterclockwise. In addition, there is a motionless broadcast mode. Using the “Timer” option, the projector will automatically turn off after a specified time, which is incredibly convenient. The Starfall function gives special magic, implying that falling stars will periodically slip. Making a wish is recommended!

How to make a mini planetarium from a sleeve and a flashlight?

  • Author Nikolay
  • March 11, 2016, 16:00

It is very simple to make a fascinating toy for a child of 3-7 years old, which will help not only entertain him, but also teach him to distinguish between constellations. You don’t need anything that you don’t already have at home, and there will be much more benefit and pleasure from the resulting portable “mini-planetarium” than, say, from the new brand doll from the popular animated series.
Moreover, making this toy is so easy that you can easily make it with your child - he will surely be only too happy to help.

So, to create your own "mini-planetarium" you will need:

  • paper,
  • bushings from rolls of toilet paper (one for each constellation),
  • scissors,
  • Scotch,
  • flashlight (important! LED flashlights with many diodes are not suitable - the picture of your "constellations" will be duplicated. You need a flashlight with one light bulb or diode).

To begin, cut a circle of paper to the size of the sleeve bore.

On the resulting circle, draw a dot pattern corresponding to some well-known constellation.

Then cut out another circle larger than the first.

Fold them so that the smaller circle is inside the larger one, and pierce both in the places where you should have stars.

Then put both circles on the sleeve, with the large circle outward. Use scissors to make cuts at its edges so that you can easily bend it around the sleeve.

Secure the paper to the hub with tape.

Make as many bushings with constellations as you see fit.

Turn off the light (or if it happens during the day, just go with the child to the bathroom), direct the flashlight inside the sleeve and - voila! - on the wall or ceiling you will clearly see the desired constellation. You can be congratulated - you yourself have assembled your own planetarium.
Good luck