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100 ways to express your love to a woman


A man is a breadwinner and a hunter, support and support in the family. Modern realities, of course, do not require him to bring skins and meat to the house. However, women still need to be conquered. In this article we will tell you how to prove your love to a girl, what actions and phrases are appropriate.

Candy Bouquet Period

The initial stage of relations when a man begins to actively care for a woman is a candy-bouquet period. A time for romantic dates, gifts, surprises.

What to do to win the lady of the heart:

  1. Attention and care. Everyone is pleased when they are worried and worried about them, so the elementary questions about how you are doing, whether you’ve dressed warmly, and arrived at work well will be a call that the girl is not indifferent.
  2. Unexpected surprises: You can give some unusual floral arrangements, bouquets of toys or sweet presents. The assortment of today's stores is very wide, you can choose for every taste and at an affordable price.
  3. Of course, date. This tradition leads back to antiquity, already in those days a man and a woman were alone for a walk or a meal. Time spent together allows you to chat and get to know the person better.
  4. Calls and Messages. The modern age of technology helps lovers to be in touch even despite the distance, you need to use this wonderful opportunity.
  5. Extraordinary gifts and entertainment. For example, it’s interesting to go through a quest on a certain topic together or to go to the “Museum Night”. You can find out the schedule of events in your city, and plan an exit.
  6. Mark small anniversaries, it is romantic and at the same time shows the importance of relationships.
  7. Meet from work, provide assistance in household matters.
  8. Are interested in hobbies and hobbies girls, share yours.

In this video, psychologist Dmitry Moskovtsev will tell you how to show your beloved your feelings:

How to show your love to a girl?

In the modern world, the institution of the family is undergoing major changes. Now the values ​​are different:

But what about when people liked each other? The girl feels the sympathy of the young man, but does not completely trust.

Tips for men:

  1. Show your feelings, no need to be shy. Sometimes an unanswered call or SMS can lead to the thought of indifference. It is from the little things that a big puzzle of relationships is made up.
  2. Give presents. It does not have to be luxurious presents. No, because girls are romantic natures. Surprise: for example, a joint portrait or paintings, something made by oneself (notes, postcards, etc.).
  3. Spend time together, walk and relax. But here you need to maintain balance, each person needs personal space. Therefore, it is not necessary to fully live in the interests of the girl. Balance plays a major role in relationships.
  4. You can choose some place symbolizing your feelings. For example, the place of the first meeting or kiss, or maybe just a favorite park, where you often stroll.
  5. In conflicts, try to find a compromise. No need to be categorical. After all, relationships are the work of two people. You need to be able to negotiate.
  6. Do not succumb to provocations. Very often, girls who have experienced a difficult break with a man do not fight for a new relationship and throw words about separation. But in reality, they expect the young man to stand apart from the relationship and be firm in his decision to seek its location.
  7. Be sure to support and protect your companion.

Love Phrases

As you know, women love ears. This common truth has long been known. Men and women have not only gender differences, but also in the structure of the brain. The weaker sex has a greater number of neural fibers that are responsible for information. Accordingly, girls need more communication and frequent conversations.

Compliments are always nice. But when the beloved man pronounces pleasant words, it is doubly happy and the woman blossoms before her eyes.

To show your love, often say the following phrases:

  • "I love you". Despite the fact that this is a standard expression and has already lost its sacred meaning, it does not lose its importance. Three treasured words makes everyone hear. Do not be shy, talk about your feelings directly and for no reason,
  • "You are my dear and special person, my half." It's true if you are in love. Simple words, but with so much meaning
  • “One and only” - pleasant compliments that reflect your feelings,
  • "Unique and best woman." After all, every girl wants to hear such words from her beloved man,
  • “The star of my life that illuminates my path” is an eloquent expression of love and the importance of relationships,
  • call your woman by name, because it is the most pleasant sound. Of course add epithets beloved, unrivaled, coveted,
  • “Only you are in my heart”
  • "I need you like air and water,"
  • “Fill my life with meaning”
  • “Be my wife” is one of the phrases that every woman wants to hear from her beloved man.

100 ways to express your love to a woman:

1. Make breakfast specially for her. If you don’t know how to cook, then just buy pancakes or order pizza. This will be especially appreciated on the weekend when it is not a desire to get up early.

2. Leave a nice little note for her, or send an SMS “I love you”. She will be pleased that you remember her. You don’t need to draw hearts on the mirror with her favorite lipstick, she won’t appreciate it, but you will get it.

3. Do not give her roses if she does not like them. He loves delicious chocolates or sweets, so hide them in unexpected places. Let him find a coat in his pocket, in a purse, in the bathroom on a shelf.

4. Praised her clothes, she bought it for you, not for herself, but for you, especially if you gave her money for decent clothes, and not for the one that was on sale.

5. Open and hold the door when it enters somewhere, and in general, be gallant.

6. Surprise her, take her to nature, take her to a cafe in another city, village. It will be a little trip just for you two. No money? Call for a walk, buy a take-away cappuccino cup.

7. Often walk with her. A woman loves to be with her and she can boast of her man. Believe me, she’s proud of you, otherwise she wouldn’t date you.

8. Hug her more often when he woke up, when you leave and come, and kiss more often. A woman loves and appreciates this very much, but if she evades a kiss and a hug, then she has stopped loving you.

9. Give compliments sincerely. You can not? Just be silent. An unsuccessful compliment will erase all joy. Your admiring eyes will say better than any words.

10. If you know how to be gallant, be it to the end. Give your hand when necessary, know how to put on a coat, put in a car. If you don’t know how, you have to study, women love gallant gentlemen.

11. Buy tickets for the concert, but only when you know that she will appreciate it. Do not take her to theaters or to ballet if she hates them. You should not make surprises from this, if a woman had other plans for the evening, he will be spoiled.

12. Go dance. If age does not allow you to go to a night club, go to a restaurant, everything is much simpler there and the music is more suitable. Women love to dance, so they have to learn.

13. If there is a fireplace at home, light it and sit next to it. Especially bring together the evening together. Buy a good wine or make a mulled wine and you will spend an amazing evening.

14. Like to be together, do something in the kitchen. Start a difficult meal, or make a table for you two. Let it be your romantic dinner, you can continue. Just do not quarrel during cooking, otherwise it will not be dinner, but a fight.

15. Does a woman like to bask in the bath? Come to her, offer to wash her, she will be happy with such an intimate affection.

16. Create a cozy nest for her, a woman loves when everything around is soft and fluffy. Buy a bed rug, a fluffy cloak. Choose her favorite colors.

17. Make her a collection of your favorite music, choose what she likes to listen to and record on a player or disc. She will be pleased, especially if she has long dreamed about this.

18. No money for expensive gifts? Buy them in parts. Today is a cosmetic bag, tomorrow is mascara, a week later perfume. Then give it all at once, or give it once a week, making pleasant surprises.

19. Women love it when on the street a man takes care of her, buys water, ice cream, treats with something. It is not necessary to lead to an expensive restaurant, buy a waffle cone, and she will be happy.

20. Give each other a massage, you can play or fight for fun. Do not hurt her, the woman is much weaker physically.

21. Help her around the house, she will appreciate. Do not wait for reminders, you see, do it yourself, she will be surprised.

22. Help carry bags from the store, the woman is not a draft horse, she needs the help of a man.

23. Engage with children, if any, the children should have a father, and they should know him not only from photographs.

24. Buy her favorite magazines, she loves when she has something to read. If you know that she wants to read a book, buy it, or download it.

25. Make a general collage or photo, or make your personal album. Better let it be paper, not electronic. You can choose one favorite photo and keep it on the table. Can you take pictures? Take her pictures more often, youth goes away quickly, so it will be so nice to look at your photos later. Take photos of each other, choose beautiful places.

26. Prepare her this for yourself. Do not know how - buy. Women love something tasty, you can make ice cream with syrup or chocolate, or some kind of exotic salad.

27. Give her a set of tea or coffee, you can choose something exotic or her favorite. Do not forget that you also need a mug for tea or coffee, so the next gift may be a mug, a spoon, a funny strainer.

28. Put her photo on your desktop, make a collage or choose the most successful joint photo.

29. If she has a car, repair mine too. Women do not like such things, and will appreciate if you put it in order.

30. Say that you love her as often as possible. You can’t say that, hug and kiss tightly.

31. Present a gift card to the salon. The woman herself will choose where she wants to go, to the hairdresser, to the solarium or somewhere else. Do not spare money, it will be ridiculous to pay extra for services.

32. Buy linen for her, you can expensive and sophisticated, you can have something fun like pajamas. Find out the size exactly, otherwise she will be very offended. Do not know how to choose - bring to the store and send to the fitting room, then you will pay.

33. Does a woman like fragrances? Buy her a bath for her. Let him accept it and rest with body and soul. In addition, do not forget about delicious shower gels and bath salt. Any girl will appreciate such a gift.

34. Do not forget to ask what to buy on the way home, or can pick it up from somewhere if it is not at home. Women love care and desire to help.

35. Offer to buy something for her personally, maybe she wants something, but hesitates to ask.

36. Help bring heavy purchases to the house, sort it all out with her.

37. More often my dishes are at home. Do not like? Buy a dishwasher. It will be easier than blaming each other for un done homework each time.

38. In the summer, go for a walk in the cafe or just sit in the park. Buy her an ice cream, a chocolate bar.

39. Give her the book she wanted, or the movie she likes.

40. Make her breakfast in bed. Choose something that you know how to cook, or go to the store in the morning before she gets up.

41. Take to the market, to the store, pamper her with a purchase or a new thing. This does not have to be expensive, just buy a trifle that is pleasant to her.

42. Invite her to go somewhere together: by bus, train, car. Women love such romantic trips together, and even if you go to a neighboring village for wild strawberries, this is an event for her.

43. Watch your favorite movie together.

44. Help iron or fold the laundry. Wash washed.

45. Help her set the table for family or guests.

46. ​​Write her an email, write what you miss, or how you want to see faster.

47. Invite a boat ride, a yacht, a boat, a water bus.

48. Do not scatter your things, put them in place, she will be pleased.

49. Take her to a museum, art gallery, on an excursion to where she was not.

50. Go to a restaurant or cafe with the whole family. If her parents live nearby, you can invite them with her consent.

51. Give her an expensive soap, shampoo, face cream of her favorite brand.

52. Do sports together, choose one in which both feel comfortable.

53. Cover your bed. Help around the house, it’s not difficult for you, but she’s pleased.

54. Take photos of your family, if you want, put it on the net. Ask if she wants someone to see her photos, if not, leave it for a personal album.

55. Go to the cat show, or to the zoo.

56. More often take pictures and shoot your children, you can even video.

57. Ask how her day went, what would she like to do or where to go.

58. Give her a drive from her hobby.

59. Make a small date and go to a restaurant. Women love being proud of them. The publication of an extra reason for her to recognize a man in love, she will appreciate it.

60. Praised her for her appearance, good taste, generally praised her for everything.

61. Do a little work at home: change bulbs, hang curtains, grease loops. There should be a man in the house, not his likeness.

62. Help clean up at home, especially if you are waiting for guests.

63. Go together to the forest for mushrooms, berries, just go to nature, to barbecue.

64. Write her poems or just kind words on a piece of paper. Put it under the pillow. The night will be awesome.

65. Arrange more often trips surprises out of town. Women love when they are taken somewhere, pay attention to them.

66. If you went to the cinema - hold her hand, hug her, let her always feel your presence nearby.

67. Thank her for her love and affection, for her tenderness.

68. Praised her cooking, and she will prepare everything for you.

69. Take her to a city holiday, a fair, take a walk around the city.

70. You can make a toast for her more often, no matter what and where you drink.

71. Loves flowers - buy, does not love - buy a cactus, or a toy.

72. Praised her for raising children, she will be pleased.

73. If she travels far, you can download her an audiobook.

74. Create your own words, your ritual, a game.

75. Give her a delicious bath bomb.

76. Cook at least once a week, the whole family will be happy.

77. Go camping together, you can even spend the night. Only women do not really like cold and mosquitoes, keep this in mind.

78. Record her favorite program if she did not have time to watch it.

79. Give her little surprises and gifts, write valentines.

80. Praise her for comfort in the house.

81. Take her to some interesting place where you have not been.

82. Give her a gift card to the underwear or clothing store, you can cosmetics.

83. Let her write what needs to be fixed in the near future.

84. Give her something that will constantly remind you, an amulet, a key chain, you can make an inscription.

85. Buy beautiful bedding, you can’t silk, let it be satin.

86. Get up in the morning earlier, make everyone breakfast.

87. Choose your ritual of getting up in the morning and going to bed. Do not bring down sleep time unnecessarily. The better a woman gets enough sleep, the more beautiful she looks and the less grumbles.

88. Write down your desires in a notebook, and fulfill them to each other in turn. No need to write something unreal, have a conscience.

89. Read her a book before bedtime, tell a joke a fairy tale, a story.

90. When you are talking with your beloved, look into her eyes.

91. Give her time, albeit little by little. But that it was only for her personally.

92. If she quarreled with someone, stand up for her defense.

93. Make up first, do not constantly sulk, it destroys feelings.

94. Dedicate to her the whole day, and preferably a week, let her be filled with you.

95. Draw her something funny that will remind you of your love. Do not know how to draw, find a cool picture.

96. Give her a medallion with your photos.

97. On the street, often hold her hand or arm, a woman likes it.

98. Study her tastes, and she will also try to study yours.

99. Even if you do not plan to have sex, you still hug tightly when she is near, she will be very pleased to feel your warmth.

100. Be close, even when far, no one has canceled the phone and the Internet, call and write more often.

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Words of encouragement

Encouraging words are one of the languages ​​of love. Many people have no idea what power lies in the words: “I understand you. This is important to me too. I'm with you. How can I help you? ” "Encourage" - means "give vigor, courage." It is important to show that we believe in and admire our beloved. Those who are accustomed to criticize and condemn will need a lot of strength and patience to master this language of love.

Sitting next to each other and talking for 20 minutes, we give our loved one 20 minutes of life. This time cannot be returned, which means that we gave each other a piece of life. This shows love, because to love is to give. The main thing for someone who speaks the language of time is to be together, pay attention to each other, and spend time together.

You can pick up a gift and say: “He thought of me” or “She remembered me.” After all, to give someone a gift, you must think about him. A gift is a symbol of this thought. Неважно, сколько денег вы потратили, главное — вы думали о человеке. Дорога ваша мысль, которая отразилась в подарке.

Если вам кажется, что любимый человек недостаточно помогает вам, возможно, ваш родной язык любви — помощь. Помогать — это значит делать что-то для другого. Помогая близким, вы стараетесь угодить им, быть им полезным, выражаете свою любовь.


Love can be expressed by touching, and for some this is the only way to feel it. For one whose love language is touch, it is necessary to physically feel that a loved one is nearby, it is important to touch each other, hold hands. They need to be kissed, caressed, hugged. Otherwise, they are not sure that they are loved.

It often happens like this: you try to show your partner that you love him, and he seems to be noticing anything. The fact is that the language in which you express love can differ from the language of love of your half, like English from Chinese. And very rarely, a man and a woman speak the same language of love. Everyone uses his own and wonders why they seem to not hear him. It’s not enough to be sincere. Love must be explained in the language of the one you love. If we want to be effective in communicating with men and women, we must learn his language of love and speak this language.

The only thing that can ruin an ideal relationship is not what you might think. Here's how to show love and keep your relationship.

If the relationship was easy, there would never be such a thing as heartache. Or romantic comedies. Or romantic films in general. The difficulties of love and the last relationship are widely known to almost everyone who has ever experienced feelings for someone. Why is it difficult to know how to show love sometimes?

Relationships aren’t easy to do. Of course, your relationship should not be difficult to maneuver, and it should feel natural. This does not mean that you do not need to make efforts to make your partner happy. This does not mean that you just tell your partner you love and do it during the day.

Do not show the relationship of the ruins of love

Many believe that cheating and / or abusing are the only things that break relationships. Sometimes this is completely different. If you don’t know how to show love, or let your knowledgeable others know that you love them, you risk your relationship and don’t even realize it.

Forgetting to do this, even if you really love them, you can make them doubt themselves and their feelings. This leads to uncertainty, jealousy, arguments, and loss of feelings for you. If you do not show your love for another person, you may not care about them at all.

How to show love and make them want to stay

Some, of course, know how to show love for your friend to others. You may not even think about it, and action is what you do automatically. For others, however, it is not so simple. It’s not that you care less about them; rather, you naturally cannot show how much you care.

If you're the last, don’t worry. This does not mean that you are doomed to loneliness, because you cannot show someone how much you love them. Using these ways to show love, you make them want to stay and show them how much you care.

# 1 Write love notes. I know this sounds really crappy, but if it can save your relationship or just show your significant others how much you love them, it's worth it. Right?

Write small love notes and leave them in places where your lover can find. Everything that is simple, like “you look beautiful / beautiful”, written on a pillar and left on a mirror in the morning, is more than enough. [Read: The 10 Most Important Tips for Writing a Love Letter]

# 2 Bring your favorite candy house. This is what everyone has the means. Spending a few dollars every week or even a couple of times a month is something that is easy and affordable.

You stop at the store several times during the week, and grabbing their favorite candy or wine for pleasure is something that shows them how much you care.

# 3 Let them wipe back before going to bed. Not sure how to show love or feel embarrassed by saying these three words? Then show them! Many people work long days and carry stress in the back muscles. Believe me, when I say that you sleep before they go to bed, shows them more than enough love. Taking care of their relaxation and reducing the stress that they consider important to them. [Read: how to prove that you love someone in the right way]

# 4 Kiss them when you pass by. How many times do you walk past your significant other in a day? These are all opportunities for you to show your love. Just give them a little kiss on the cheek, forehead or even their lips. This moment of affection has the power to make them want to stay.

# 5 Pat them on the ass when you see her. It may be something really simple and stupid, but it means more than you think. Especially if your significant other person who feels loved by physical activities. Give them a little slap and grunt of thanks. They will want to stay. [Read: 11 sweet and intimate ways to show how much you care]

# 6 Compliments. Compliments are so underestimated. Everyone likes to hear what you like about them. So say it. Do not just keep these thoughts in yourself.

If you think they look especially attractive that day, tell them. If they are discussing something smart, and you admire their intelligence, say so.

# 7 Ask about your day - and get interested. Don't just do a routine by asking how someone’s day. Always ask with the intention of listening to what happened to them. You never know what could happen during the day to make them feel a certain way. Ask and are really interested.

# 8 Listen. This is one of the best things to show love. Listen to what your partner says. Even if this is something that you are not particularly interested in. If this means a lot to them, all this and attention draws so much love to them. [Read: 10 Ways to Be the Best Listener in Your Relationship]

# 9 Offer your advice. If they come to you for advice, don't just shrug your shoulders and say, “I don't know.” They came to you for a reason. Even if you don’t know what to do, talk to them and tell them what you will do in their situation. The tips are huge when it comes to showing your love.

# 10 Stay connected with their family / friends. Family and friends are great in the life of your partner. If you really want to show them how much you love them, participate and be there with your family and friends when you can. Even asking how they do is enough to show love.

# 11 Participate in their hobbies. I am not saying that you should do everything that they do, but be emotionally involved. Ask them how the book they are writing is going to. Ask how they work in their volleyball league. Be interested in what they have a passion for.

# 12 Support them. Another great thing you have to do to show your love is to support them. Go to their practice and show. Read what they wrote about their book. Pick them up at the volleyball tournament. Be supportive and they will feel your love for them. [Read: What is true love? 15 special ways true love tears apart]

# 13 Take slack when they are stressed. At all times when they are so tense, they simply can not cope with everyday life tasks.

Dishes accumulate, they cannot collect energy for washing, and they can hardly cook healthy food for themselves. By picking up the slack and doing this, from time to time they show your love more than you think.

# 14 Give them a place when necessary. We all have moments when we just want to be alone to handle things. To show your love and understanding, give them this time. Let them be alone, but make sure they know that you are there when they are ready to talk about it. [Read: 11 characters, you spend too much time together]

# 15 Random surprises. It's not about big things. Of course, you could buy them a diamond necklace and matching earrings. But, ultimately, this is a small kiss that you give them before you go to work or order your favorite one to take out and get it when they had a stressful day. Random surprises show your love and make them want to stay.

[Read: The 25 Most Pleasant Romantic Gestures for Everyday Life]

In general, remember that knowing how to show love is all the little things. Big gestures of love are not what makes someone want to stick. These are the little things in everyday life that make them feel loved.

Relations at a distance

Due to life circumstances, sometimes lovers are forced to leave for a while, due to work, study or family difficulties. In such a period, it is especially important to know that you are loved. Therefore, often men try to surprise their other half without even being around. Options:

  1. You can order flowers with delivery to work or home.
  2. Leave love notes around the apartment before leaving.
  3. Hide little surprises in unexpected places.
  4. Be sure to call and write messages, talk about feelings.
  5. Send a sweet present (now personalized cupcakes and pastries are relevant).

Communication and conflict management

Any relationship is impossible without quarrels. After all, two people meet, each has its own habits and worldview. Therefore, some contradictions are inevitable. Perhaps the main advice is to solve problems through dialogue. Talk with each other, seek a compromise, without prejudice to the interests of one.

Take time to discuss the events of the day, some personal topics and be sure for yourself. Have your own interests and hobbies.

Relations between men and women often depend on the stronger sex. Ladies want to be confident in their companion, protected and feel a strong shoulder nearby. Such a question as how to prove your love to a girl worries many young men. Feelings and intentions are confirmed by words and deeds. Do not be afraid to express your emotions.