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How to color eyebrows at home


It is believed that pencil is a universal tool for eyebrow makeup. Is this so and how to use it to get neat, beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows as a result?

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Text: Veronika Gnezdilova
Updated March 11, 2019

  • Eyebrow pencil: how to choose a shade?
  • How to use an eyebrow pencil?
  • How to paint eyebrows with a pencil? Photo instruction
  • How to choose the shape of eyebrows?
  • How to draw beautiful eyebrows with a pencil?
  • How to draw eyebrows from scratch? Video tutorial
  • Eyebrow pencils: rating

The eyebrow pencil is the easiest way to use eyebrow make-up: they can adjust the shape of the eyebrows and fill in the gaps if the eyebrows need a lot of density and give a more saturated color.

The pencil is versatile and easy to use. But his choice requires care and knowledge of some beauty rules. It is important to find a shade that really suits you, focusing on the color type, as well as the color of the hair.

Eyebrow pencil: how to choose a shade?

Girls with black or dark brown hair are easiest: you can choose a shade to match. But when the hair is lighter, the color type also has to be taken into account.

  • Brunettes who have golden tinted hair need a “warm” brown pencil.
  • But for the fair-haired, for example, the ash-gray taupe color is ideally suited.
  • The same shade of taupe is also needed for blondes. By the way, another important rule for them: do not buy an eyebrow pencil that is darker than their hair more than two shades.

Once "your" shade of the eyebrow pencil is found, you can begin to use it. But very carefully: not everyone knows how to use a pencil correctly.

Donna Karan © fotoimedia / imaxtree

How to use an eyebrow pencil?

With a pencil, they immediately begin to draw lines. In eyebrow makeup, this is a big mistake. Even those who clearly know what the shape of their eyebrows should be, should not do so. Follow these three rules to get the perfect result:

Bora Aksu © fotoimedia / imaxtree

How to choose the shape of eyebrows?

When working on the correction of eyebrows with a pencil, you must first determine which shape to give them.

  • For girls with a round face, curved eyebrows are suitable, which are distinguished by a high "rise" and a short tip. This shape of eyebrows allows you to visually make a round face more oval. However, do not experiment with too sharp outlines of eyebrows - it is better to stay on smoother ones.

  • Owners of a square face shape will fit curved eyebrows, as well as a classic shape with a bend. For a square face, a pronounced bend and wider eyebrows are best, but you should refuse too thin arcs.

  • For an oval face, the straight shape of the eyebrows without bending is suitable - in contrast to the ascending shape, it does not visually stretch the face.

  • For girls with a triangular-shaped face, eyebrows of a classic ascending shape with a smooth bend are suitable. It is worth giving up on pronounced “rises”, which are permissible mainly only for a square face.

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How to draw beautiful eyebrows with a pencil?

In order for the eyebrows to look beautiful and natural, you need to choose the right shape for them. The easiest way to do this is based on the proportions of the face.

  • Determine the fit of the eyes. So, if the distance between the eyes is greater than their width, they are considered wide-set.
  • Then again look in the mirror and visually divide the eyebrow into three zones: the first is its beginning, the second is the bend, and the third is the end.
  • In order to understand where the beginning of the eyebrow (created using makeup) should be located, visually draw a line up from the “wing” of the nose.
  • To understand where the bend should be, visually draw a line from the center of the chin to the eyebrow through the pupil.
  • To understand where the eyebrow should end, visually draw a line from the “wing” of the nose through the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow.

How to draw eyebrows from scratch? Video tutorial

If the eyebrows are light and rare, they can be made expressive and beautiful makeup. To do this, you can use not only a pencil, but also shadows or lipstick for eyebrows - in short, any means will be suitable with which you can finish the missing hairs, while getting a natural look. To draw perfect eyebrows, first take a short test to help you choose the most suitable eyebrow remedy, and then follow the instructions from the blogger Koffkathecat - and watch the fourth episode of the beauty series “Makeup can do everything!”.

Eyebrow pencils: rating

Eyebrow pencil Brow Artist, L’Oréal Paris

This double-sided pencil is convenient primarily because it has a brush. His stylus is soft, able to fill in the “gaps” between the hairs, and in the palette there are two universal natural shades: for blondes and brunettes. You can create beautiful eyebrow makeup using this pencil in two ways: first draw a line of eyebrows with it, then give them a shape and fix with a brush.

Wax pencil for eyebrows Master Shape, Maybelline New York

Maybelline NY wax pencil will appeal to those who do not like to overload the skin with cosmetics - the gel is already contained in the formula of the product, so you do not have to “style” the hairs with an eyebrow mascara. Natural wax as part of Master Shape, in addition, provides hair care, and coloring pigments - natural makeup.

Eyebrow Pencil Dessin Des Sourcils, YSL Beauté

Another eyebrow pencil with a comfortable brush is Dessin Des Sourcils by YSL Beauté. Firstly, it gives the eyebrows a beautiful and noble shade, secondly, it cares for the hairs (as part of the product - coconut oil), and thirdly, provides the most natural make-up. Take it with you on trips - a compact size as if created for this.

Eyebrow pencil Brow Beater, Urban Decay

Looking for a waterproof eyebrow pencil? Check out the Brow Beater from Urban Decay. A mechanical retractable stylus (pencils with such a stylus are convenient because they do not need to be grinded), a composition with vitamin E, argan and coconut oils and a waterproof formula are not all the advantages of the product. The pencil has a rich palette of shades, among which there is definitely one that suits you: choose taupe, neutral brown, “warm” brown or dark.

Eyebrow Powder Pencil, NYX Professional Makeup

This NYX Professional Makeup eyebrow pencil has a soft creamy texture that allows you to achieve naturalness in your make-up, powdery stylus and a matte finish. With light strokes, color the eyebrows with a pencil, and then “style” with a brush in the direction of hair growth.

Eyebrow Pencil, Helena Rubinstein

Persistent, natural, expressive - such a make-up is obtained if you design eyebrows with a pencil from Helena Rubinstein. On the one hand, there is a soft stylus, on the other, a spiral brush: together they provide saturation of lines, ease of blending and lasting makeup throughout the day.

Giorgio Armani High Precision Brow Pencil

This pencil from Giorgio Armani is worth having for both professional makeup artists and ordinary “users”. An automatically extendable stylus is responsible for the clarity of the lines (the texture is well shaded), and the brush allows you to comb the eyebrows and give them volume.

Monsieur Big, Lancôme Eyebrow Pencil

One of the brightest novelties of the summer is the Lancôme kabuki brush for eyebrow pencil. The palette has four shades, from light for blondes to rich black. The pencil has a thick stylus, which is perfect for styling wide and thick eyebrows, a soft texture and a kabuki brush on the back, which you can safely trust with high-quality shading.

Do you have an eyebrow makeup pencil? Leave a review about your favorite tool in the comments.

Choose material: tips

  1. The first step to take is to choose a coloring material.
  2. Under the ban, ordinary paint for curls - due to the content of aggressive substances in the composition. For thin hair on the eyebrows and skin, it can not be used.
  3. The painting procedure is best carried out using special means. They are created taking into account all the features of this area, the use of which is safe.
  4. There are two options - paint and henna. The second method does not differ in durability and saturation. It is more suitable for fair-haired girls.
  5. If you dye your eyebrows with paint, you can count on a lasting effect. Plus, an assortment of colors allows you to choose the right shade.
  6. Before such a procedure, you need to do an allergy test. The classic method is to apply a small amount of the product on your wrist and wait 10 minutes. During this time, the body will respond to the stimulus. If there is no allergic reaction, then the paint is suitable.

How not to make a mistake with color?

For many girls, painting eyebrows at home becomes very difficult due to problems with determining the color of the substance.

It’s worth remembering the rule - eyebrows should look as natural as possible. Then the whole image will be harmonious. Should be based on hair color:

  1. Brunettes Dark-haired girls are suitable shades lighter than natural curls. But no more than a couple of tones.
  2. Blondes Light brown tones of paint are combined with light hair.
  3. Redheads. All shades of brown are suitable here. But it is worth considering the saturation of hair color.

Adjust the shape

This item is optional. If the eyebrows already have the desired shape, then skip this step. But if something does not suit you, it is better to fix it before the procedure itself.

Options for adjusting eyebrows:

  • using stencils (sold in cosmetic stores),
  • draw the outline yourself.

  • arming with a pencil with a greasy base,
  • mark the starting point of the eyebrow and its end,
  • connect these points below and above.

It turns out the contour - inside it should be filled with paint. Due to the fat content of the pencil, the chemical product does not go beyond the drawn borders.
It is important to note that the line should not deviate strongly from the natural eyebrow. Otherwise they will turn out to be of unnatural size.

Stages of the procedure

Initially, a number of devices should be prepared. They should be laid out in front of you on the table - so that you do not have to search for each item for a long time.

For the procedure you will need:

  1. Disposable cotton pads and sticks. They easily erase excess paint.
  2. Cream. It should be fat enough. Choose products that are used for the face or eye area.
  3. Brush - it applies a tool.
  4. Paint.

Preparation: Important Rules

Before applying a coloring pigment to the eyebrows, preparatory measures should be taken. Consider all the steps step by step.

  1. If there is cosmetics on the skin, it should be removed with a special cosmetic product. After that, rinse your face with water.
  2. Treat the area around the eyebrows with cream. The hairs themselves remain intact. Such manipulation will protect the skin from staining.
  3. You should also carefully remove all excess hairs. Even cannons can stain and spoil the contour of the eyebrow. Because of this, the result will be blurry.

Neat application

  1. When coloring eyebrows at home, do not rush. The contour contour is filled with paint. The layer of the product must be dense. Thus, the shade will be saturated and without bald spots.
  2. The distribution of the substance starts from the top of the eyebrow and gradually reaches the bottom point.
  3. All movements should be smooth.

Skin cleansing

  1. The painted area is treated with a sponge. Previously, a cream is applied to it. Due to this, the removal of excess paint is faster.
  2. The tampon is changed until the coloring agent is no longer printed on it.
  3. After that, you can wet your eyebrows with a sponge dipped in water.

Tutorials on how to properly color eyebrows can also be found in video format.

Precautionary measures

Dyeing your eyebrows is easy. But at the same time, there are some nuances of this procedure. They must be taken into account:

  • if paint gets into your eyes, they must be washed thoroughly - preferably with running water,
  • carrying out the procedure costs no more than 1 time per month - frequent use of chemicals harms the hair and skin,
  • a prerequisite is an allergy test.

Observe such rules is necessary not only for a good effect, but also to protect your health.

Eyebrow care

Staining for a couple of days changes the facial treatment used at home.

  1. You should only wash your face with water. Without the use of cosmetic products. This measure is necessary due to the fact that the paint reacts with the components of other agents. As a result, the final color of the eyebrows will change, but it will not work to control the shade.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the regrown hairs. They will differ from the painted ones - they should be carefully removed.
  3. Due to exposure to chemicals, the eyebrows weaken. For thick and strong hairs, you need to use special vitamins contained in creams and oils. Periodic combing of eyebrows with a special brush will also help to increase growth.

How to paint eyebrows with paint at home? This eyebrow tinting procedure is easy. The quality of the result depends only on practice. With each application, the skill of staining will increase and improve. It is not necessary to ask for help in expensive salons. Any girl is able to provide such a service to herself.

How do eyebrows color?

For makeup, you can use a pencil, eye shadow, gel or gel eyeliner. Chemical or natural paint (basma, henna) is used for painting.

With the help of shadows, you can draw soft eyebrows, with a pencil or gel eyeliner, it is easiest to emphasize the shape and outline the tip. Various paints give the most durable and natural effect, but only if their color matches the natural shade of the eyebrows.

How to color eyebrows with a pencil

Let's start with the shade. Blondes should choose a light brown or ashen (gray) pencil, brunettes should choose black or dark brown. The cosmetic product must be solid, otherwise it will not be possible to draw a clear line with it. Soft pencils stick poorly, are easily smeared and “peel off” in hot weather.

Makeup with pencil step by step:

  1. You need to comb the hairs to give them the desired shape. In the absence of a special brush, you should use a clean "comb" from the carcass.
  2. It is necessary to indicate the form. To do this, draw two lines along the bottom and top of the eyebrow. Draw a contour in a natural form. It is not recommended to go on the skin more than 1-2 mm. The circuit cannot be closed at the base, but it can be used to outline the tip.
  3. Fill in the “voids" with color. Any competent make-up artist for this purpose uses a hair technique, but for its implementation you need to fill your hand. The point is to draw thin hairs where they are not. Makeup is created according to the gradient principle, so the eyebrows should be light at the base and dark at the tip. In order to make a similar effect, you need to click on the pencil with different strengths or use several cosmetics at the same time.
  4. When the eyebrows are ready, they need to be fixed and combed. First you should go through the hairs with a clean brush. It can also be used for shading. To do this, you need to “comb out” a bright color by pressing the brush harder. The final step will be fixing the makeup. It is best to use colorless wax, as this tool adds 2-3 hours to the resistance of the pencil.

What should never be done? Fill the entire space with one color without drawing hairs and creating a gradient. Such makeup looks vulgar and unnatural, in addition, it adds age.

To correct possible errors, beginners are advised to use micellar water and a cotton swab. During make-up remover it is extremely important not to leave stains and dark spots.

Owners of thin eyebrows should use hair technique and, at the same time, go a little beyond their natural shape. It is not recommended to use wax, as it "takes" a little volume. It is better to use a tint or clear gel fixer.

If a girl has black eyebrows, then she should draw only their middle (as a rule, there are bald spots in this area). If necessary, you can add a few drawn hairs at the base of the brows or outline the tip.

Phased Shadows

Shadows are the easiest cosmetic tool. With their help, you can learn how to naturally and beautifully shape eyebrows. Be sure to get a special sharp brush suitable for hair technique (sold separately or complete with shadows).

Main rules: shadows should be matte, persistent and suitable in shade. At the time of purchase, you can put the product on your hand and bring it to your face to check if the color is suitable. For beginners, it’s better to buy sets of shadows designed specifically for eyebrows. They should consist of at least 2 shades: lighter and darker.

Shadows help create a romantic and natural look. This effect is achieved due to soft shading. С помощью теней также можно добиться яркости и чёткости, но для этого понадобится использовать влажный способ нанесения и заострённую кисточку.

Оформление бровей тенями поэтапно в домашних условиях:

  1. Нужно расчесать волоски и подготовить кисточку. In order for the eyebrows to turn out bright, the brush needs to be slightly moistened.
  2. It should be shaped. To do this, you can draw two lines or immediately fill the middle of the eyebrow with a shade.
  3. It is necessary to fill in color with bald spots. In this case, you also need to use the gradient creation method.
  4. Fix the result. It is better to use a colored gel, as it will make the edges more defined and voluminous. It should be understood that the shadows do not give "fluffiness", so it must be added at the final stage using other cosmetic products.

How to adjust the shape when applying shadows? A highlighter or light concealer should be applied to the area near the tip of the eyebrow. A flashing cosmetic product must be used under each brow.

Does the resulting makeup have to look symmetrical? As any professional would say: “Eyebrows are sisters, but not twins.” The face of a person is basically asymmetric, so eyebrows can have a slightly different shape. More importantly, they should be the same in color.

Tip: to check the result, you need to take a photo of the eyebrows in different lighting conditions. From photographs it will be much better to see how makeup actually looks.

It should be remembered that with a bright and eye-catching eyebrow make-up, you must definitely let your eyes down. Otherwise, they will become faded.

How to stain: TOP-5 products

You can not use the same colors for eyebrows as for hair on the head, the result may not please. Other skin on the face, possibly causing irritation or even a rash. In addition, pigments from many manufacturers have the same numbers, which is very convenient when choosing and replacing one product with analogues. You can buy paint over the Internet, in a specialized store or in an ordinary one. The price of the product depends on the manufacturer, but in any case, one tube is enough for several times, the cost of the procedure is very pleasant.

Now in the Russian market 5 grades of eyebrow paints are especially in demand.

This company captivates with its cheapness and prevalence. Most likely, this explains the popularity. The product is easy to apply, suitable even for sensitive skin, has a thick consistency, does not spread. The result lasts on the eyebrows for about 2 weeks, one package is enough for 10-15 procedures, that is, for 5-6 months, depending on the frequency of dyeing and cost-effectiveness.

The disadvantages of this paint include a poor palette (there are only two shades: black and brown). Add depth, softness or cool the color in the absence of choice is difficult.


Professional eyebrow dye from an Austrian manufacturer, which is easy to find and buy. Unlike Rocolor, the kit has a spatula, detailed instructions, and the composition contains caring substances. Eyebrows remain soft, silky, the same means you can dye eyelashes. According to the manufacturer, the color lasts up to 6 weeks, and one package is enough for 30 uses.

In terms of shades, RefectoCil has a very rich palette. In addition to natural colors, bright options are presented: purple, chestnut, red, blue. All of them mix perfectly with each other, they allow you to get exactly what you need.


Another paint very popular in salons, but often used at home. The brand is not very expensive, it has convenient packaging, it dyes gray hair on eyebrows well. The composition includes flickering pigments that add shine and a well-groomed appearance to the eyebrows. The consistency is cream, does not flow.

Estelle's palette is rich, consists of 9 shades that can be mixed to achieve natural or unusual results. This product often causes allergies, it is advisable to do a test before use.


The product has a very bright and expressive packaging, inexpensive. In addition to the tube with pigment and oxidizing agent, the kit has a brush and a small mixing tank. The manufacturer promises durability up to 3-4 weeks, but judging by numerous reviews, the color rarely lasts more than two weeks.

The palette is rather poor, there are only two classic colors: black and brown. But they can be mixed in different proportions.

Sghwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom

One of the best colors, but its cost is much higher than the previous options. In the package, in addition to the main product, you can find protective strips, spatula, measuring cup. The product is professional, easy to apply, does not flow, rarely causes allergies. Color remains for a long time.

The palette is not the richest, there are only three shades: brown, black, blue-black. It is suitable for creating only natural effects, something unusual can not be done with this product. The manufacturer recommends dyeing eyebrows in a lighter tone than eyelashes.

The main nuances

Paint is not henna, it is not intended to fill the skin with pigment. Therefore, you can paint the eyebrows with paint in one step, the composition is applied directly to the hairs. Some girls like the effect of tattooing. In this case, you can try to “drive” the product into the skin, then apply it on top, as with biototage henna. But it is worth noting immediately that after a few days, anyway, the color will remain only in the hairs. Therefore, the initial shape of the eyebrows is important, drawing a template in this case is not always necessary. If you can’t independently pluck out all the excess, then it is better to contact the master at least once.

What else do you need to know:

  1. Fat, including sebum, interfere with staining. Therefore, with the eyebrow, you need not only to remove makeup, but also to conduct treatment with an alcohol tonic.
  2. Before the procedure, it is advisable to lubricate the area around the eyebrows with a fat cream. This will protect accidental staining of unnecessary areas.
  3. You can not keep the composition on the eyebrows more than indicated in the instructions. But you can wash off earlier if you do not want to get too expressive shade.
  4. When connecting shades with an oxidizing agent, the composition is thoroughly mixed.

Shelf life, as well as the place of purchase, are of great importance. Low or too high temperatures can change hue, coloring ability. It is wiser to choose a store than a market or a hand-held purchase.

Important! If henna was previously biotouched, then the paint simply will not be taken, at least 2 months should pass.

Step-by-step technique

For home staining, you will need a small bowl in which the product will be bred, mixed, sometimes it is in the kit. A glass stack will do. Additionally, you will need cotton swabs and discs, a brush for applying the composition to the eyebrows, an antiseptic. Chlorhexidine is great, but you can use any alcohol solutions.

How to dye your eyebrows yourself:

  1. Wipe the skin with an antiseptic. It can also be used to disinfect brushes, brushes, spatulas and other tools that will be used.
  2. Mix paint and oxidant.
  3. Apply a thick layer of paint with a brush, trying not to go beyond the border of natural eyebrows.
  4. With a cotton swab, outline the eyebrows, collecting excess paint, giving a neat shape.
  5. Use the same cotton swab to round the brow head.
  6. Soak paint. The time is indicated in the instructions, usually 7-10 minutes.
  7. With a cotton swab, remove the main part of the paint, conducting from head to tip of the eyebrow several times.
  8. Moisten a cotton pad with water, wipe the eyebrow.

Advice! In order for the eyebrows to color evenly, it is better to wash them thoroughly with soap, you can even make a scrub, but then dry well. Water droplets dilute the paint, it will fall in spots.

Error correction

The most common mistake is missed color. Therefore, the choice must be approached very carefully. If the shade on the eyebrows came out too light, goes into the blue or red, then the shadows will help. By experimenting with a palette, you can choose the right option for the coming days, and after a week the color will already become less pronounced.

If the shade is too bright or dark, then the eyebrows can be discolored. To do this, you need to buy a special blonding paint. She will remove the bad pigment. But only after that re-staining will be required. The same tool is used by non-natural blondes to lighten their pigment with very dark eyebrows by nature.