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Sixth sense: how to develop intuition


1. Fine tune
Free your mind

Having listened to yourself, you can understand whether the time has come to take a close look at your health and whether there is a need to relax. Unfortunately, usually our mind is so clogged with daily routine that the voice of intuition simply drowns among momentary trifles, current thoughts and deeds. Allocate daily time that you will spend in silence and loneliness (or doing meditation). This will help you learn to distinguish your inner voice, which may come in the form of a sudden insight, image, or feeling. When you learn not to be distracted by external stimuli, it will become much easier for you to “read” internal messages.

• Close the door and turn off the phone. Sit with your back straight. Close your eyes.
• Breathe slowly while exhaling, allowing tension to gradually leave the body.
• If extraneous thoughts begin to invade your mind, just wave them away.
• When your mind calms down, ask yourself a specific question, for example: “How do I get rid of pain? What can I say to my impudent colleague in order to defend my interests and avoid conflict? How to cope with the stress that my work constantly causes me? ”, And in the next few minutes, listen very carefully to your inner voice. Maybe a picture will appear in front of your mind's eye - “look through” it like a movie. So sometimes the most important life decisions come.
• Do not force yourself to demand an immediate response, but do not dismiss a hunch, even if it seems illogical or absurd.
• Repeat this exercise more often, and over time, the answers will begin to come by themselves. The main thing is not to miss them.

• Appreciate the people passing through your life. Ask yourself: “Whose presence energizes me?” Whose causes fatigue? And in what situations does this usually happen to me? ”
• Did it happen that after a short, meaningless conversation at any party, you felt completely broken?
• Have you felt exhausted after an endlessly long call from a friend who has chosen you as a “vest” into which you can cry out all your problems? When you understand that a person acts as an "energy vampire", either try to avoid it, or - if you are dear to him - internally step back and defend yourself from the negative "wave" that it "radiates" to you. At the same time, try to build a relationship with this person so as to continue to avoid such situations.
• Try to spend as much time as possible with people, communication with whom usually gives you a surge of positive energy, calms, causes joy and good mood.

2. Turn on the radar
Listen to your body

To maintain good health, follow the reactions of your body, because it is a finely tuned instrument of intuition. We live with reason, and often the mind contradicts intuition, and, refusing internal knowledge, we reject the reserves of vital energy. Reorient yourself: without giving up rational and logical actions, still more often listen to the signals of your body. So you can detect symptoms of illness, fatigue, fatigue at an early stage instead of acting with the same intensity, thereby pushing yourself to a nervous breakdown or injury. For example, loads that are considered excessive for everyone may well be up to you. But some emotional trifle from the point of view of others in your inner world has far-reaching consequences. So let them not reach insomnia and gastritis.

• Before making any important decision, tune in to the frequency of your body and listen to what it tells you.
• Do you feel a surge of energy when you think about this business?
• Do you feel you are doing the right thing?
• Is it easy for you to breathe?
• Does it suck in the stomach?
• Do you feel tension?
• Does it make you nauseous?
• Do you have a lump in your throat?
• These are signals that intuition usually gives you: do not rush to reject them.

3. Quality check
How to spend your life energy

Any living organism has its own bioelectric field, and our nervous processes are regulated by special electrical impulses. Interacting with other people and living beings (animals, plants), a person receives from them both positive and negative charges. In this energy exchange - the whole essence of the relationship. Getting positive energy, we experience a surge of inspiration and feel support - from a beloved husband, or a cat, or a bush of violets. And taking a portion of negative energy, we feel tired, irritated or insecure. By learning to intuitively grasp the “sign” of energy that your friends and colleagues radiate, you will understand who in this situation “feeds” you energy, and who “draws” it. But do not rush to divide people into disinterested donors and finished vampires! Depending on the situation, they - and you yourself, including - can act either in the “giving” or in the “taking away” roles. If the balance is maintained, the relationship is normal. Only if you give more than you receive, it is worth considering: do you need this person?

4. Request to the database
Consult your dreams

Dreams visit us every 90 minutes during the REM phase, but the mind does not always reflect them. Decipher your dreams. They will give you advice in love and suggest a way out of difficult situations.

• Buy a dream notebook and put it near the bed with a pen or pencil.
• Before falling asleep, ask yourself one specific question, for example, “Is this work suitable for me?” And write it in a notebook.
• The next morning, do not get up immediately, soak up a little under the covers, remembering dreams.
• Write them down right there before they slip away from you.
• As you reread the dreams, look out for a figurative reflection of your situation.
• Continue to ask yourself a question for the night until you feel that the answer came “by itself."
• If you keep such diaries for many years in a row, then, re-reading them and comparing recurring situations, you can understand what are the main problems that concern you.

5. Change of landmarks
Tune in to an active position

The mind is inextricably linked with the body. Studies prove that an optimistic attitude improves a person’s well-being, while a pessimistic one worsens it. Get rid of the victim's position: review your beliefs and choose life-affirming ones from them - and your health will improve.

• Make a list of “disruptive thoughts” (“I have little energy”, “I am too fat to play sports”, “I will never get rid of fatigue”).
• Replace them with life-affirming ones (“In my power to be healthy and happy”, “I deserve order in my life”).
• Prohibit yourself from repeating any negative, “bad” thoughts, not only aloud, but to yourself.
• Repeat “good” daily, force yourself, if necessary, to pronounce them aloud more often.

Our test
I smell in the morning.

Intuition comes to the rescue when common sense fails, and logic fails. But do you hear the prompts of an inner voice. Please rate each statement with which you agree.
• Sometimes I know in advance what my interlocutor will say.
• I like the color purple.
• Sometimes the information that dreams carry is surprisingly accurate.
• I believe in love at first sight.
• Premonitions do not deceive me.
• I am proud of my ability to understand people.
• I am lucky in cash games.
• On the exam, I managed to get a “happy” ticket.
• Before I pick up the phone, I often know who is calling me.
• The first impression is the surest.
Calculate the amount of points scored.
More than 7. You surprise your acquaintances with unexpected and even illogical actions, which, oddly enough, turn out to be the only correct ones. “Lucky, but this is just an accident,” many people think. No - great intuition!
3-7. You know very well that intuition very often helps to make the right decisions, but, alas, you do not always trust her. You doubt my innocence? Well, I’m silent, I am silent, ”the inner voice is offended.
Less than 3. Intuition, in your opinion, is something too ephemeral and unreliable to rely on. Whether it’s a sober calculation: consider everything, weigh it. But life too often violates carefully thought-out plans!

What you need to know about intuition?

Our brain generates up to 60,000 thoughts every day, and 95% of them are outdated information that was stored here yesterday, the day before yesterday, and possibly even several years ago. This means that the vast majority of thoughts appear in the head against our will and are devoted to needs that do not change from year to year. Moreover, their huge part is nothing but mental garbage. It violates the clarity of perception of reality and drowns the inner instinct. Therefore, in order to develop intuition, the main task is to clear the mind and get rid of the head "garbage", then you can hear your own sixth sense much more clearly and never make a mistake in making a decision.

Scientists at the University College London under the leadership of Dr. Matthias Pessiglione found that intuition often helps to make a better decision than if it was made balanced and consciously. “Subconscious knowledge can be formed on the basis of associations,” says Dr. Pessiglione. For example, a good poker player always knows whether to fold or bluff. This is because, at a subconscious level, he picks up signals in the opponent’s behavior and draws conclusions based on them.

One of the largest researchers in the phenomenon of intuition is Jose Silva. His program for the development of the sixth sense is based on the four rhythms of the human brain (alpha, beta, theta, delta). In the waking state, the beta rhythm dominates, right after we fall asleep or wake up - alpha, in a state of sleep or meditation - delta and theta. According to the scientist, the supersensory perception of reality is associated with the alpha rhythm (at this moment the right hemisphere of the brain is actively working). No obscurantism, the third eye and paranormal abilities! Silva’s author’s method, in fact, teaches you to pay attention to what your consciousness has previously ignored, it is better to control your memory, quickly get out of difficult situations and achieve success in any aspect of life. Try these basic exercises and finally tune your internal compass in the right way.

#one. Meditation

José Silva proved: daily meditation is not only necessary in order to develop intuition, but it also prepares the mind for more information that is often overlooked. In fact, you can use any known and convenient method of meditation - the main thing is to do it every day. The simplest thing: sit right in a comfortable place, keep your back straight. And now feel how you are relaxing, and all your urgent cares are leaving your body. Focus on breathing, silence thoughts, and listen to your inner voice. The more you meditate, the faster you will develop the sixth sense. In addition, during meditation, the amount of stress in the body decreases, and the concentration increases, you also improve creative abilities and expand opportunities for learning. This is a great start to developing trouble-free intuition.

# 2 Landscape visualization

The visualization method has great potential for customizing the sixth sense. Step-by-step instructions for one of them:

1. Close your eyes and breathe evenly. Feel how infinite the world around you is.

2. Now think about a place where you feel calm and safe. Imagine and examine it carefully, do not lose sight of anything. What is the aroma in this place? Are clouds running across the sky? Think of the surrounding nature, the whisper of the waves, the gentle wind. You must remember every detail of this carefree landscape.

3. Take a deep breath, open your eyes and return to reality. You will not only feel much better, but also work for the benefit of intuitive abilities.

# 3 Use the subconscious while you sleep

Remember the saying: morning is wiser than the evening? Before you go to bed, think about those questions that went unanswered during the day. Try to consider various options for overcoming difficult, nervous, or dubious situations. Thus, you activate the imagination, and while you sleep, the subconscious mind will work to find the most creative solution to the problem. Make sure you have a pen and paper at hand (or, say, a “notepad” in your smartphone) - when you wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night with big ideas, you can write them down right away.

#four. Visualization of figures

As we already said, visualization of images is an important factor for the development of intuition. “Including” geometric figures in our consciousness, we stimulate the treasured right hemisphere of the brain - its most creative side. So:
1. Imagine a blank white sheet or screen.
2. Mentally “draw” on it any geometric figure: a square, triangle, circle, or the first thing that comes to your mind. Concentrate on this picture for a few minutes, and then switch to another picture.
3. Pause, and then imagine a combination of several geometric shapes. For example, a triangle in a circle.

#five. Trust your guesses

We must learn to trust ourselves and listen to our inner voice. If you have to make an important decision, but at the same time you understand that any of the options will not make you happy and leave a residue on your soul, this is not right. Each person feels differently in different situations, and what is pleasant and good for one is destructive for the other.

How many times did you have a feeling that something was driving in your stomach, and you turned halfway for no apparent reason? These forebodings probably helped you avoid a traffic accident, or you ended up in the right place at the right time to get a job or a dream man. Intuition is your inner guide to action, so you must learn to trust its directions. Perhaps at first it will scare you a little, but if you make an effort on yourself, you will achieve phenomenal results.

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1. Meditation and time alone with yourself.

Being alone with yourself, thinking about life, feeling harmony in the soul and lightness in the whole body is a necessary condition for spiritual improvement of a person. It should be in a calm environment, without phone calls and other distracting events. By the way, many people meditate in nature. Close your eyes and imagine that your innermost dream has come true, you are full of calm and happiness. Feel spiritual pleasure and waves of relaxation throughout your body. You can do an autogenic training by directing impulses to different parts of the body. For example, concentrating all thoughts on the left hand, the big toe of the right foot, etc.

2. Reading poetry.

Reading poetry not only enriches a person spiritually, but also trains the imagination and helps develop intuition. After reading the poems of the great classics, there comes a feeling of “creative inspiration”, a sense of the beauty of the world and words. Exercise your intuition this way: while reading poems, close the last word in the line and try to guess what word it is. As you read, you will find that you will almost automatically guess these words. By the way, this exercise also trains memory.

3. The study of Tantra.

Tantra is an Indian collection of knowledge about our energy world. Studying such literature spiritually fills a person and actively trains the right hemisphere of the brain. You will learn about the different types of energy that is present in man and in the outside world. Moreover, joining the spiritual practices of ancient Indians contributes to the development of imagination and creative thinking, thereby affecting intuition. Read Tantra aloud in a relaxed atmosphere, reflecting on each line. You will plunge into the world of unknown discoveries.

4. Classical music.

Listening to classical music has a beneficial effect on the right hemisphere of the brain and also helps to develop intuition. When we hear harmonious sounds, we kind of “fly away” to another world where logic and reason are absent. By the way, there are cases when, while listening to music, people came up with fresh, original ideas for solving problems. Singing along to the beat, you can notice that we know in advance how the song will end, we kind of “feel” the melody and plot. It is very important to make such “musical pauses” during breaks in the process of complex mental work. After all, our left hemisphere is overloaded and needs rest. After such “pauses” intuition will tell you the right solutions to difficult problems.

5. The search for the "inner voice" in itself.

Before you say something in the argument or make a sharp decision, hold your breath and mentally count to 10. During this period, learn to hear your intuition. Usually the first thought, as if sent from above, is the most correct. This is your inner voice. Его подсказки всегда верны, ибо они основаны на прошлом опыте, воспоминаниях, знаках из мира энергетики. Стремитесь распознавать эти знаки.If, for example, the first impression of meeting a new person caused negative feelings in you (inner trembling, slight chills, pain in the head), then, most likely, this person is not your way. Do not ignore forebodings and your feelings. And your intuition will always help you do the right thing and protect you from dangers.

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