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The Web is a place where millions of people connect with each other every day. Internet space has no boundaries. Its widespread use could lead to chaos if the rules and standards of interaction were not established. These elements were presented first in HTML, and then XML.

What is XML format?

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, with emphasis on the second word. Here you can create text and tag it, turning a word or fragment into sorted information. All these elements are processed electronically and are used to distribute the text. The more there are, the more parts can be identified. In XML, you can create a list of your elements in the Document Type Definition (DTD) and stick to it when working with a file. Using such markings, the loss of paper does not entail serious consequences. All data will remain in its original form in electronic form.

In which program to open XML

So, the XML extension is a text file in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) - a markup language that describes the document and the behavior of the program that reads the document. This file format was developed for active use on the Internet. But it turns out that opening it in a readable form is not so simple. Consider the most popular software solutions that are used to open XML files and edit them.

Method 1: Notepad ++

The Notepad ++ text editor is considered one of the best for working with a wide variety of file types that contain text. The program is so universal that it is used both for working with documents and for writing code in various programming languages.

The editor has several pros and cons. The advantages include support for many formats of text files, a large number of different functions and text editing. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the not very convenient interface, which, although it is intuitive, can sometimes be confusing. Let's see how to open an XML document through Notepad ++.

    The first step is to open the editor itself. Then in the dialog box "File" need to click on the item "Open".

After that, the Explorer dialog box appears, where you need to select the file to read and click on the button "Open".

How to open xml file?

You can enter such a document using any text editor that is included with your computer software.

Especially for this format, programs have been developed that open up wide possibilities for the user - with their help, you can not only open and read a file, but also modify, edit, import, export data, etc.

Open xml file with EditiX Lite Version

If you do not know how and how to open the document, you can download and install the EditiX Lite Version program. This is a great freeware editor with the useful XSLT transformation feature.

Using it is quite convenient, the main thing is to remember that all the hints are given to the user in the form of highlighting sections of code, not with a list, as in most similar programs.

Opening the xml file using EditiX Lite Version is extremely simple - start the editor, select the required document from the list and open it. The conversion will happen instantly.

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Open xml file with XMLPad

An excellent notebook application that you can use for free. Allows you to not only open XML files, but also modify them.

Information can be displayed in two ways - a hierarchical tree using tags or plain text

A distinctive feature of XMLPad is the ability to perform XSLT transformations and the presence of list-hinting and tabular document playback.

In order to open such a document, just start the program and select the required document from the drop-down list.

Pleased with the fast work of the editor - you will see the necessary information after a couple of minutes.

Open xml file with Oxygen XML Editor

A simple and convenient editor, the hallmark of which is support for a variety of formats - XSL, XSD, DTD and XML.

The great functionality of the program is justified by the fact that the engine uses the Java platform.

Despite its wide functionality, the program has a clear interface.

Thanks to which its use will not cause even the slightest difficulties, even with a minimum level of knowledge.

Opening a document using Oxygen XML Editor is quick and easy.

It is enough to launch the program itself and select “Open file ...” on the start page, if English was selected as the default language, click “Recent files ...”.

Another way to start the program is to click on the corresponding “open folder” icon, which is located in the upper left corner of the window.

Select the XML file that you need and click the "Open" button.

The result of the actions taken will be the appearance of the full document code in the corresponding viewing window.

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Open xml file with Notepad ++

Notepad will be an excellent solution for specialists and programmers, as it not only opens up wide possibilities in the field of document editing, but also makes it possible to view the source code of a file.

Detects syntax errors and inaccuracies in most languages. Its capabilities can be expanded independently by installing the necessary modules, plugins or compilers for work.

Despite the wide functionality, opening a document using Notepad ++ is extremely simple. It is enough to activate the program by clicking “File”, and after “Open”.

A field with a choice of documents will open - just select the one you need and run it.

As a result of the fact that the explorer and optimized processes have been worked out almost to perfection, the opening of the XML file occurs at lightning speed.

Based on the above, it becomes clear that there are really many ways to open unknown documents.

Which option and which program to give preference depends entirely on your preferences and needs.

What is the XML format?

This code is considered one of the simplest and most flexible formats, but it is demanding for the correct formation of the structure - the tags are case-sensitive, a closing tag is required, and the data must be relevant, that is, tied to a DTD file that defines the relationships between the elements . In addition, the DTD file has a single root element, and the rest of the information is located between the opening and ending tags. When there are more than one such object, the work is disrupted.

You can enter a comment in any part of the file, but for this you will need a special tag in the form of characters. Comments cannot contain two hyphens in a row. Because of its simplicity, XML has quickly become the primary format for exchanging data over the Internet.

What is it for?

XML is used in almost all areas of web development for more convenient data storage and transmission. Here are a few aspects to use:

  • underlies the popular book format FB2,
  • used to create new web programming languages,
  • increases the availability of data so that it is visible to all "reading machines", including for the visually impaired,
  • simplifies platform changes when moving from one system to another,
  • helps in the distribution of data, without requiring any special software for its processing,
  • separates HTML and data, so you don’t need to edit the HTML file with dynamic data every time.

    How can I open an XML file?

    The most famous software for viewing XML-format files:

    This text editor has long won the love of users, as an improved alternative to the standard Notepad with additional features. It is used both for viewing and for creating / editing HTML code. How to use the program to view XML?

    1. Run the editor, select the "Open" line in the "File" menu,
    2. In the explorer window that opens, find the required file and double-click on it,
    3. The file will open, and it can not only be viewed, but also edited.
    And in order to be able to do this with the visual syntax rules of the language, you can set the corresponding option. You can also enable a very convenient function of highlighting the code. Often a person inattentively skips a semicolon or a bracket, and, thanks to the program interface, the error will be immediately visible.

    The Microsoft Office software package, which includes Excel, can also help in solving the problem, and the document will have a convenient tabular view. Unfortunately, the program is paid, for its use it is necessary to purchase an office suite. XML through Excel opens as follows:

    1. Click on the "File" menu item, then in the "Open" submenu, find the required document, select it,
    2. A window appears that determines how to work with the object. If you need to edit it, you can simply leave the option selected by default.
    Result - the file is converted to a convenient form, and it can be viewed or modified. The downside is that the program is able to display only a certain number of lines, and if there are more, the document simply will not open.

    In principle, you can use any other web browser, but take for example one of the most popular in the Russian Federation. Most likely, it is already installed on your PC. Google Chrome is pretty fast and efficient with XML documents.

    The opening process is very simple - just drag the desired document onto the icon or onto the program window, and its contents are already on your screen.

    If you do not want to install any third-party software on your computer, then the built-in Notepad will be a good way out. Its functionality is minimal, but it is quite capable of reading an XML file.

    The opening process is the same as in other programs - in the "File" menu, click "Open" and select a document.

    If the above options do not suit you, for example, due to incomplete functionality, then there is such an option as

    XML Notepad
    A program reminiscent of Notepad ++, but tailored specifically for working with XML files. Suitable for more experienced users, as it has a specialized interface. But XML Notepad has rich functionality for working with this format - a more comfortable mode for reading and editing documents, its automatic division into semantic segments.

    Having launched the program, you need to select the Open item in the File menu (the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O performs the same function)

    It remains to select the file so that it opens in the program window. After that, you can start editing.

    Of course, you can open the file in any of the listed programs by right-clicking on the document and selecting "Open with." If the program is already on the computer, then it will be in the list.

    This format is the least problematic in terms of creating, viewing and editing the format of web documents. Using the above instructions, even a novice user can cope with these tasks.

    Method 2: XML Notepad

    The second program that allows you to open XML files is the XML editor Notepad. It is almost identical in its principle of opening Notepad ++, but differs in some nuances. Firstly, the program does not support various text formats; it is configured only to work with XML documents. Secondly, the interface is rather complicated, and its understanding is not too easy for a beginner.

    Of the advantages, one can note the deep work with documents in XML format. The editor allows you to read and modify files in a more convenient mode: there are divisions by semantic sections, the program automatically reads the document and divides it into semantic parts.

      To open a document in XML Notepad, select the menu item "File" and click "Open". Or use the hotkey "Ctrl + O".

    Method 3: Excel

    Among the popular ways to open an XML document is Excel, which was developed by Microsoft. Opening a file in this way is quite simple, especially if you follow the instructions.

    Of the advantages, it can be noted that the source document is presented in the form of a convenient Excel spreadsheet that can be easily edited and viewed. The disadvantage is the price of the program, because it is not included in the list of free office applications of the company.

      After opening the program itself, click on the button "File"select menu item "Open" and find the document you want on your computer, external drive, or in the cloud.

    Now you need to select the mode of working with the document in XML format. It is recommended that you leave the default value or indicate that the open should be read-only.

  • After these steps, you can view the XML file that has been converted to a convenient Excel spreadsheet.
  • Method 4: Google Chrome Browser

    Another easy and quick way to open an XML document through commonly used programs is to run it through a web browser. To do this, we will use one of the most popular surfing programs on the Internet - Google Chrome.

    The browser works with documents quickly, and most likely is already installed on the computer, which is an undoubted advantage of this method.

    To open an XML file, just open a browser and transfer the document directly to the program window. Now you can enjoy working and reading an XML file in a convenient way.

    Method 5: Notepad

    All the methods that were mentioned above required additional installations, since among standard applications and Windows programs there is not a single program about which it was written. But everything changes Notepad.

      The first step is to open the program itself. Now in the menu item "File" should select a line "Open".

    Having found the file on the computer, you can safely click "Open" again.

    Now you can safely read the XML document in a fairly convenient form.

    Currently, there are a lot of different editors that allow you to open XML files, so write in the comments which programs you use and what attracts you to them.

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    Microsoft Word

    You can open XML using Word: "File» - «Open"- two clicks on the XML file.

    The functionality of the latest versions of the editor allows you to re-save XML to a file with the extension .docs. Such a document can already be viewed in any version of Word.

    After clicking on the “Overview»The explorer window appears. On the line "File type»Should be indicated Word document.

    After conversion, the document can be opened in any version of Word.

    This program is very popular among programmers, as it allows you to not only view the source code of a file in XML format, but also edit it. Despite the wide functionality, the application works very simply. Menu "File» - «Open»- the explorer window appears. The user needs to specify the desired file, how he immediately loaded into the program in the original version.

    Microsoft Excel

    To open XML through Microsoft Excel, run the application and select "Open».

    The program will request an action script. An XML file can be opened as an XML table.

    After converting all the tags, the text of the file is displayed.

    Built-in office software tools do not allow even half of the required tasks to be completed. The program does not display all the information, but the one that is available cannot be edited.

    Specialized Editors

    How to open XML? If standard tools do not fit, you can use XML Marker. The program is free, runs in several languages ​​and quickly processes data. You can download the application from the official site.

    Upon completion of the installation, it will remain to run the program in the “File"Select"Open"And indicate the path to the document.

    The file opens in its original form with all the attributes.

    The only drawback is the price. Developers ask for a monthly fee or a one-time payment. You can use the program for free during the trial period.

    View via browser

    Since the XML format appeared for the purpose of "building" sites (now HTML and CSS are used for layout), Google and Mozilla quickly perceive everything hidden in the information, display all tags and attributes in accordance with the design.

    How to open XML in a browser? Just drag the document into the program window and observe the result.

    All text will be displayed on the screen, and in the center of the screen recommendations from the browser. For example, Google may warn you if syntax is broken, if edits are needed, etc.

    In Firefox, error information is displayed in Russian!

    Should I always open XML in a browser? This approach allows you to immediately see what the format looks like in action. The encoding is determined automatically, you do not need to install additional programs. If you need edits, then you can not do without applications.


    You can also work with XML format files on the Code Beautify service. The site provides the ability to view and edit a variety of formats. To open the XML editor, on the service’s main page under the heading "Popular functionality" or "Web viewer"You need to press the button"XML Viewer».

    The editor’s interface, as well as the functionality, are very similar to those previously discussed. The workspace is divided into two parts - the area with XML code on the left and the structure of the document on the right.

    You can download the XML file directly from the site by clicking on the "Load url"Or write the path in the explorer"Browse».

    По завершению работу обновленная версия файла загрузится на ПК в виде CSV-документа или с расширением XML. С этой целью используются кнопки «Export to CSV"And"Download» соответственно.

    Редактировать файлы очень удобно и наглядно: имеется функция подсветки синтаксиса, представление кода в виде дерева, можно масштабировать интерфейс и использовать прочие дополнительные возможности.

    This online editor is a powerful tool for working with the XML format. In it you can not only create, modify files, but also check their validity, design maps and convert documents. You can view the XML file on the xmlgrid service.

    Work begins with loading the text on the main page of the site. To do this, just copy the contents from the XML file, paste it into the field on the main page, click the "Submit».

    Or simply download the document from the computer by clicking on the “Open file».

    The loaded page will appear on the screen in the form of a table with data.

    The edited document can be saved in the computer by pressing the "Save»At the top of the page.

    It is better to work on the XmlGrid service if you need to fix individual elements of a file or its contents are presented in a table.