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Motivation for losing weight: looking for your stimulus and going to the goal


Loss of motivation is one of the main reasons for stopping sports. Training, one way or another, is associated with an endless repetition of already known actions. And, if we want to stay in shape, then we are simply “doomed” to this long and somewhat monotonous work.

Yes, sports are work. This is more of a job than a pleasant pastime. But just that, any work is good, that sooner or later it leads to the desired reward. In the case of sports loads, this award does not come immediately, and many go out of the race, not having managed to get close to it by one percent. Therefore, in order to maintain a charge of motivation in relation to sports, we suggest that you listen to the following tips:

1. Set yourself mini-goals.

Beginners often come to the gym with huge ambitions, but after two or three classes they understand that they are not able to compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jay Cutler. Girls quit training, seeing how hard it is to burn excess fat. To prevent this from happening, set yourself many small goals that are achievable in the near future. For example: remove half a centimeter from the waist or squeeze 70 kg from the chest.

2. Constantly record your success.

They lost a kilogram of weight, ran half a circle more, changed dumbbells to heavier ones - remember that you are already winning. Do not hesitate to praise yourself for progress, mark the achieved goals with a “tick” in your mind. Use finally a mirror! Notice all, even the most microscopic, improvements to your figure. Feel how your body works during training, how it becomes stronger, more enduring every week. Appreciate the feeling of tiredness and relaxation after class. What if not sport gives us the understanding that we are truly alive ?!

3. Adequately accept failures.

It so happens that for some reason we cannot achieve our goal. The main thing in this situation is not to fall into depression so fashionable now, but to find a solution to the problem. Any failure is just a signal that guides us on the right path.

4. Bring variety to your sporting life.

Go to different fitness clubs, change jogging routes, listen to different music, expand your sports wardrobe. Experiment, look for new exercises, change the pace of loads.

5. Do not neglect the company.

If you are accompanied by friends during training, the problem of lack of motivation can disappear by itself. After all, you will have a great time. Just do not forget why you, in fact, came to the gym. For friendly jokes and conversations about personal life, do not lose the main goal - the desire for self-improvement.

Where to look and how not to lose the very motivation for losing weight

What do you think is the most difficult thing to lose weight? The first thing that comes to mind: pick up an individual menu, develop a set of exercises, find a good coach, buy a sports uniform, etc. The list goes on and on. But the most difficult thing is the motivation for losing weight!

It should be sought and maintained within itself, just as hard-to-get fire in the Stone Age, because there are so many temptations around, so many excuses you can come up with. Today you can learn to motivate yourself to lose weight, and most importantly - learn how not to lose motivation!

Why you need motivation for losing weight

First you need to understand what is - the motivation for losing weight. Any motivation is what motivates a person to action in order to achieve certain goals. It is worth noting that there is no such motivation that would suit everyone equally. Therefore, before you find something that will stimulate you to lose weight, answer one of the most important questions: “Why do I want to lose weight?”. The answer should not be blurry, it should be crisp and clear. Most people answer like this:

  • I want to lose weight to find a husband,
  • I want to like the people around me,
  • I want envious glances to follow me,
  • I want to get a good position,
  • I want to buy and wear the things that I like and so on.

Sometimes a girl is in a hurry to lose extra pounds in connection with the upcoming holidays and sets a goal to lose weight by the New Year, Birthday or urgently put her figure in order by summer.

All these answers have the right to exist, but they are not the main goal of losing weight. These are all mini targets. The main task is to learn and adhere to proper nutrition and lifestyle in the future. This is much more complicated, because the process is quite laborious both in the physiological and in the psychological sense. To achieve the desired, various types of motivation for losing weight come to the rescue.

Error-free motivation: tips to avoid

Unfortunately, on the Internet and in fashion magazines, erroneous motivations very often sound that do not lead to a new life. Or, which is also bad, they pass very quickly, as a result, the person again plunges into the state in which he was before the start of changes in his life.

Let's take a closer look at them so as never to go down the false path:

  • “Love yourself for who you are.” Here: "forgive yourself for the extra pounds"

It is possible that there are people who have low self-esteem, but losing weight will not increase it, because it is more a psychological moment. Good results can be achieved on this motivation, but self-esteem will remain at the same level. This will lead either to the fact that weight loss comes to anorexia, or to the return of previous kilograms in a compartment with depression.

Another popular dubious motivation is to look at your body in underwear or without it in a large mirror. Before you apply this advice to yourself, take a look at yourself: are you ready to see what you see without undue exaggeration and drama? Just accept what is with full confidence that every day the reflection will be better? If yes, then your endurance can only be envied. Because most really magnificent girls after such an "extreme" will become depressed or cling to the contents of the refrigerator in order to calm their nerves.

That's it, the decision has been made - a step to the right, a step to the left, well, you understand. If from the first day from the moment you make a decision you start to drive yourself into a corner, then such motivation will lead to a constant struggle with yourself. You will be angry with yourself if you have not resisted the temptation or someone is eating something that you cannot and so on. But our goal is not a struggle, but the right way of life! Therefore, we exclude all categoricality. What you start to do with your health and body should be fun.

The recommendation to notify your friends, work colleagues, relatives that you are losing weight in order to find support from them, often also leads to errors. In reality, you will get the opposite of what was expected. Most people around you will be curious about how you deal with temptation. Every day more and more new checks will be arranged for you. The best recommendation is to not tell anyone and find a way to avoid provocations! For example, if you are treated to something forbidden at work, say that you are not hungry or take the treat home. When you go to a cafe with friends, order light meals, but don’t tell everyone that you are on a diet. To questions about such an order, answer that you are in the mood for this particular food right now. And so on.

"Tracking" yourself

Before you start looking for motivation for effective weight loss, feel like a detective and watch yourself for a few days. Here is what you should find out and write down in detail:

  • your daily routine
  • exercise stress,
  • nutrition (up to "eating up" for children, if any).

It may turn out that overweight is not associated with your lifestyle, but with health problems. In this case, you should contact a specialist. But this is more an exception to the rule, but the main reason is laziness, inactivity, sweets and other unhealthy goodies, which can even be difficult to remember in the evening, because they are absorbed unnoticed during the day.

Individual approach and group support

Without stepping on someone else's rake, your motivation for losing weight is better! But sometimes, various online communities, clubs, and forums can also help you find an incentive to lose weight. In them you will really meet people who, like you, strive for improvements in their lives. Some have already achieved good results and their stories can be a great motivation for you. If they could, then you can too, nothing is impossible! The main thing is not to let in the spirit of competition, not to compete with anyone.

In addition, on the Internet you can find many different quotes and pictures that motivate you to lose weight. Just type in the search bar "pictures and quotes for weight loss." After choosing what will motivate you, print and hang in the kitchen, on the refrigerator, near a TV, computer, mirror, etc.

How to maintain motivation for losing weight

It happens that there are a lot of temptations or the weight simply stopped. What in this case can help not to give up? First of all, you must prepare yourself for this in advance.

How to respond to temptations, if they come from others, we wrote above. But if your favorite cake haunts you even in your dreams? Learn to get information!

  1. First of all, buy a kitchen scale and use the calorie calculator found on many sites and forums. In the end, you can even approximately measure portions of food and calculate its calorie content using a table. This will help you control the amount of calories you get daily, and then you will see for yourself what you can afford today and what is undesirable.
  2. Prioritize which is more important: sweets or health. Find an alternative to regular sweets: dried fruits, berries, low-calorie homemade ice cream, mousse, jelly and other desserts.
  3. Prepare in advance for the time to come when the weight stops. This happens almost always - some earlier, others later. But the plateau when losing weight is a temporary phenomenon. Continue what you started and weight will decrease further!
  4. Find something to your liking, a hobby. It will help you escape from a particularly difficult period from temptations and depression.

As you can see, finding motivation for losing weight that will help you is not so difficult. Therefore, do not postpone the beginning of a new life on Monday. Already today, make yourself a light salad for dinner, draw up your weight loss plan and write your motivation!

Weight Loss Motivation: 70 Beauty Tips

The secret to losing weight lies in an integrated approach to weight loss. Experts acknowledge that a pre-prepared program, which spells out the motivation for losing weight for every day, can work real miracles. If you are determined to succeed and are confident in an unconditional victory, read the advice of psychologists.

Believe me, you have something to fight for, because the main prize in the form of a slender and embossed body is ahead. Any person can follow the recommendations, regardless of age, gender, weight, eating habits and level of physical activity. By following the rules below, you will quickly get in shape and become an example to follow. So let's go. TOP-70 secrets to motivate weight loss:

Learn the reasons for overweight and how to quickly lose weight

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  1. Eat more often - do not think that skipping food is the key to a slim body. Studies published by the journal of the American Association of Dietitians have shown that three meals a day with two snacks between main meals contributes to the loss of extra pounds.
  2. Workout with hunger - According to a study by Bath University, eating before exercise makes fat loss difficult. Go to the gym on an empty stomach, and you will see that the weight is melting before our eyes.

  1. Sleep in a cool room - sleeping at a temperature of 18-19 degrees Celsius for 10 hours a day increases the metabolic activity of the body by 10%. This is evidenced by materials from the University of Virginia and the Australian Garwan Institute.
  2. Grip your muscles every time you are tempted to eat a piece of chocolate or something harmful. Consumer Research magazine published data on how to find motivation for losing weight in simple things. According to the researchers, muscle contraction significantly affects a person’s willpower and allows him to face temptation without internal trembling.
  3. Eat with blue plates - a cold color satisfies hunger and does not whet your appetite.
  4. Confirm yourself with the help of confident phrases - do not scourge yourself for past failures, as a result of which you could not lose weight. Stand in front of the mirror and confidently tell yourself that you are going to do everything possible to achieve the goal. This move is ideal for those who do not know where to get the motivation for losing weight, so that at least a little closer to the dream.
  5. Go to bed early - losing weight is extremely important not to stay up late. Studies by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine show that lack of sleep and late vigilance contribute to weight gain. If you consider yourself an owl, reboot. Retune the internal clock to accustom yourself to the new mode. Believe - you will succeed!
  6. Equip a gym at home - enough to purchase a mini stepper, treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical complex for regular classes. At home, you can do more often than in a fitness club, while everything you need will be at your fingertips.

  1. Sleep longer - women who sleep less than 5 hours a day gain more excess weight than those who sleep more than 7 hours.
  2. Inhale the aromas of vanilla - enjoying the sweet smells can give you the feeling that you recently ate something delicious. Natural vanilla bean will be your best bet.
  3. Stop spending a lot of time watching TV - a study by Nutrition magazine showed that weight gain is observed in users who watch TV for more than 2 hours a day. Behind this simple matter, the consumption of fats and sugars increases. And this has a detrimental effect on body shapes.
  4. Enlist the support of a partner - a strong shoulder of a significant person will allow you to achieve results faster. If you do not know where to find motivation for losing weight, look for it among loved ones.
  5. Throw away all stocks of chewing gum - and do not try to buy it in the future. Materials published in Eating Behaviors magazine show that chewing gum reduces the likelihood of eating healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables.
  6. Eliminate the use of diet soda - despite the fact that this product is non-caloric, its use in food threatens with extra centimeters in the waist and abdomen.

  1. Increase Vitamin D - A solar supplement is essential for overweight people. You can increase the content of the component in the blood by staying longer in the sun and eating foods with vitamins.
  2. Make it a rule to get up early to soak up the morning sun. If you want to lose weight, set the alarm for a couple of hours early. Studies at Northwestern University of America have found a link between morning sun exposure and a decrease in body mass index (BMI).
  3. Increase your intake of pure water - sip your liquid throughout the day, as if savoring a delicious cocktail on the coast. Scientists have long proven that quenching thirst and maintaining proper levels of cell hydration contribute to weight loss.

  1. Drink a cup of green tea per day - a combination of caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate helps maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Do not wait for hunger - let the distance between meals be less, then you will not pounce on food, like a hungry wolf. This will eliminate overeating and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases.
  3. Exclude salt from the diet - this is not a high-calorie product, but scientists at the University of Helsinki have shown a connection between salt and obesity. Fans of this spice with a pronounced taste also have a high risk of developing a stroke, coronary heart disease.

  1. Do short interval training - they are more effective than traditional sports, so they help to get rid of fat faster. In addition, short workouts increase insulin sensitivity, improve the state of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Visualize your success - imagine in vivid images what you will become when the goal is achieved. Information from the journal “Psychology of Sport and Exercise” showed that sketching images in one’s own imagination helped weight lifters increase muscle activity during exercise. With the same success, you can accelerate the burning of fat in a special training.
  3. Увлекайтесь йогой ― эти упражнения не сожгут максимум калорий, однако будут способствовать формированию правильного пищевого поведения и улучшению мышечного тонуса.

  1. Пейте кофе ― изучайте советы психолога о том, как найти мотивацию для похудения, не забывайте знакомиться с рекомендациями диетологов. Этот напиток стимулирует обмен веществ, ускоряя процессы липолиза. The main thing - do not add sugar to the drink, otherwise all efforts will go down the drain.
  2. Take a friend or girlfriend to the gym - the time in the simulator will be more pleasant and more fun.
  3. Eat strawberry desserts - despite the sweetness, this berry is allowed. Moreover, it contributes to weight loss. Strawberries contain the antioxidant pigment resveratrol, which mitigates the effects of a high fat diet. Dessert will increase your activity, relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the body.

  1. Write down your goals - According to a study by the Dominican University of California, people who write goals on paper are more likely to achieve them.
  2. Communicate on weight loss forums - find friends with similar problems. This will help you realize your responsibility, will become a good motivation for losing weight and demonstrating personal results in the virtual space. You will receive praise from hundreds of people from other cities and countries. Agree, an incredible charge of vivacity will be guaranteed to you. Such communities act like self-help groups, where people with the same troubles motivate each other to succeed.

  1. Take time for strength training - don't be afraid that strength development exercises will make your figure cumbersome. With them you will not only lose weight, but also increase your metabolism, strengthen your heart and blood vessels. The muscle corset will gain clarity, and the shape of the body will be slim.
  2. Exclude beer from the diet - a foamy drink is critically harmful to the stomach and the whole figure. It contributes to weight gain, causes abdominal obesity in men, the accumulation of internal fat in women. Experts advise drinking natural dry wine if there is a desire to sip alcohol. It has fewer calories and contains many antioxidants.

  1. Do not sleep until lunch - this mode provokes weight gain, promotes the desire to eat fast food.
  2. Focus on quality, not quantity - if you want to lose weight and keep the result, do not reduce portions, but carefully consider your diet in terms of nutritional value of products. According to a JAMA study, people who preferred more vegetables while decreasing processed foods in their diets lost enough pounds on their way to slimness. To do this, they did not even have to reduce the volumes of eaten servings and count calories.
  3. Take a selfie - these photos will help you track the dynamics of your weight loss. Take pictures and send frames to friends with whom you want to share your successes.
  4. Prefer fiber - eat fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, bran. So you will quickly reach the goal and get the result you are striving for.

  1. Weigh yourself daily - record your achievements in the success diary. This motivation for losing weight every day will allow you to watch your changes in dynamics. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania proved that girls who got up on a scale daily lost more kilograms than those who weighed once a week.
  2. Do not remove all potatoes from the diet - leave the baked tubers in the peel for a change. It is definitely better than salty, fatty and oily french fries. But at the same time the magical taste remains unchanged.
  3. Stock up on ginger - according to researchers from the Texas Cancer Center, this seasoning in its raw form works wonders. With the use of ginger, the weight begins to melt in front of the eyes.
  4. Add avocados to your meals - regular inclusion of the product in the diet contributes to weight loss. Fruit reduces BMI, favorably affects the reduction of waist. Avocado is universal. It can be added to toast, sandwiches, omelettes and greens.

  1. Eat from small plates - on average, a person puts 41% more food on a large plate, unconsciously.
  2. Write down everything you eat in a day - keeping a special diary, according to the observations of Kaiser Permanente specialists, allows you to cut portions by almost half, to eliminate unnecessary snack foods from the diet.
  3. Refuse sweets for breakfast - give preference to light Greek yogurt and dried fruits. Soon your body will become more slender and fit.

  1. Keep tempting foods out of sight — ask your family to hide them so they don’t catch your eye.
  2. Reduce meat intake - replace this protein source with more fiber-rich nuts or legumes. Try to give preference to low-fat varieties of beef, lamb.

  1. Do not set global goals - break them into smaller steps in order to gradually follow from simple to complex.
  2. Separate with no regrets baking on white flour - people with increased consumption of refined grains are more likely to have excess fat on their stomachs. If you want to lose weight. cookies, crackers and white bread should leave your table forever.
  3. Determine the motivation for losing weight - periodically change your motivators so that they always remain relevant. If yesterday you needed to lose weight in order to improve your health, today set a goal to fasten a new dress on your waist.
  4. Eat cinnamon - even a slight addition of cinnamon to a daily cup of coffee over time contributes to weight loss.

  1. Do not eat cooked food - exclude fast foods from the diet. Studies by the British Journal of Nutrition have shown that addiction to prepared foods contributes to the development of obesity, increased risks of fat formation on the stomach.
  2. Before reaching the fork, in the morning drink a glass of water - this speeds up metabolic processes, cleanses the intestines from pathogenic flora, sets up the body for fruitful work.
  3. Reduce carbohydrates - diets low in carbohydrates are effective for weight loss, insulin resistance.
  4. Reschedule lunch at an earlier time - having lunch 1-2 hours earlier, you can significantly transform the waist and lose a couple of extra pounds.
  5. Remove alcohol - alcohol is damaging to the liver, kidneys, and brain. They only add mood for a short time and cause a feeling of euphoria, but over time they worsen overall well-being and increase the risks of obesity.
  6. Stay more in the sunlight - under the influence of a celestial body, fat cells tend to store less fat compared to those in the dark. Remember that staying in the open sun for more than 15 minutes a day without UV cream is unacceptable, as this increases the risk of developing skin cancer.
  7. Eat an apple before dinner - this technique will help get rid of the unpleasant sensation of bloating.

  1. Order personal trainings with a trainer in the fitness room - this is an excellent motivation for losing weight, because it is difficult to work at such strengths in full force.
  2. Learn to accept negative feelings - losing weight with a good mood is rare. Usually this process is associated with high irritability, aggression from a losing weight person. Affected by restrictions that are imposed on all sides.
  3. Choose a wardrobe that suits you - if you are interested in the question of where to get motivation for losing weight and going to the gym, buy a new fitness outfit. In it you will feel great, which means that training will be held with positive energy.
  4. Leave the car at home and take a walk - of course, driving a car is much more pleasant, faster and more efficient. You can drop in at the same time in several places, buy food and return home not at all tired. But, if your plans mean weight loss, often leave the car in the garage to prefer hiking, cycling, rollerblading or ice skating. Anything can replace a vehicle if your leisure time promises to be sporty and active.
  5. Change ice cream for frozen fruits - a refreshing dessert will quench your thirst for sweets, saturate your body with antioxidants, vitamin and mineral supplements.
  6. Eat eggs for breakfast - most people can eat up to 3 eggs per day without fear. In such an amount, the product will not affect the growth of cholesterol and will help organize dietary nutrition.

  1. Give up cigarettes - the annual meeting of endocrinologists presented data according to which the rejection of nicotine significantly improves metabolic processes in body tissues.
  2. Put your house in order - clean and beautiful rooms contribute to proper catering.
  3. Motivate yourself in a good mood, because positive and smile help the business argue. Create a romantic corner at home or, on the contrary, open your windows wide, letting in your home clean air and sunlight.
  4. Take your time while eating - this is a monstrous mistake of most adults who do not have free time. Try to chew food thoroughly until you decide to swallow it.
  5. Use black pepper, chili and other hot additives as seasoning. They will help to cope with obesity and create unique conditions for the fight against extra pounds.
  6. No matter how strange it may sound, but psychologists allow us to use foul language. The journal "Psychology of Sport" published an article whose author admits that swearing and profanity increase strength and power during sports. Charging with vivid emotions and using every chance for the benefit, you can achieve more serious results in losing weight.
  7. Add apple cider vinegar to the water in the morning - this will make the waist narrower and slimmer.

  1. Eat grapefruit several times a week - this product contributes to the loss of extra pounds, the breakdown of lipid cells in fat depots.
  2. Listen to quiet music while eating - this will reduce your total calorie intake and allow you to get enough less food.
  3. If you follow all of the above rules, and the weight still remains in place, try to reduce anxiety as much as possible.

Remember that the motivation for losing weight depends on your determination and desire to achieve a result. Write down your goals on paper, set indicative deadlines for their achievement, and draw up a plan to accomplish what you planned. The best motivation for success will be daily changes in indicators of weight and body volume. Do not forget to fix them, even if they seem insignificant to you. Walking leads the road, and your road has already begun!