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Problem with dell laptop battery


By a good tradition, I will inform you about my problem with the laptop, and how I solved it.

I am the proud owner of a DELL Inspiron n5110 laptop, a version with a second generation Core i7 processor.

And not so long ago I ran into a not very pleasant problem. Now I will describe to you everything that happened with my laptop.

Once I started the laptop, I was faced with the fact that he gave me a warning message "AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined ..." and so on. This message states that the battery or the charging itself cannot be detected and needs to be replaced. But it seems like it starts up anyway. “Well, figs with him,” I thought, rejoicing that the laptop was starting up.

But it was not there! At first, I noticed that the battery in the laptop is in the “connected but not charging” state.

Why did I understand that the laptop began to slow down so slow, the video rendered 3 times slower, and overall performance fell. I climbed into the AIDA64 program, and gave the laptop maximum load on the test, the temperature of the processors did not rise above 50, although it usually reaches 80.

Going into the overclocking settings, I was completely surprised:

The processor frequency froze at around 798 and did not rise, although it should rise even higher than the declared 2200. And then I re-read the message that I received at startup, and realized that the laptop was working in economic mode for security. Thinking that the problem was in the battery, I took it off and started the laptop without it. And voila! Everything worked fine. Thinking that the problem was in the battery, I even ordered a new one and now I am waiting for the package.

But, there was a nuisance. For a couple of seconds, the light turned off, and after restarting the laptop the same error and the problem returned again even without a battery! Here the charger itself could burn out, and the wire could break, in short, there were a lot of options.

I tried a lot of things, and turned off the laptop, pulled everything out, holding my finger on the power button for 60 seconds, and wiped the contacts, but it didn’t help.

I began to look for all sorts of ways to disable throttling (a deliberate understatement of processor power so that the temperature of the laptop was not above a certain point, and yes, I also first read this word as “trolling”).

As a result, I did an elementary action, after which everything worked perfectly EVEN with the old battery. Updated bios. That's all! As a moron rode around the laptop for a month, but in the end you just had to update bios. Update bios for DELL N5110 on the off site. If you have a different DELL laptop model, but the same problem, look for bios drivers for your laptop model on the official website.

Updating is very easy. You need to connect the laptop to the network, insert the battery and run the downloaded application. Having agreed, it remains only to wait. The coolers begin to work in full and after installation the laptop reboots, and I did not see the scary message anymore.

Hope my solution helps you. If not, or another solution helped you, write in the comments.

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Good day!
Faced the same problem a year ago, but the laptop continued to charge after once and a year worked in this mode. But for a week it’s not charging at all.
Did you solve your problem somehow? Just replacing the battery is enough?
Thanks for the answer!

Try to go through the BIOS and turn off "SET DEFAULTS or Setup (Restore) Defaults". We make default settings and save, exit. We disconnect the laptop from charging, insert the battery, turn it on, connect the charging.