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How to talk with a dead person: calling the soul for communication


QUESTION: My friend says she mentally speaks with guardian angels, with her dead relatives. They told her that they knew absolutely everything about her life, even that which she had long forgotten. I believe her, and at the same time, I do not believe her. In numerous magazines and newspapers, very famous people also say that they communicate with their deceased relatives. I would like to know if it is really possible to communicate with them?


ANSWER: This is a very important issue. The adversary of God is not indifferent to what a person thinks about this. Therefore, Satan came up with a whole other world where, like in a theater, demons are his actors. And through this other world, he is trying to refute scripture.

What does the Bible say about this?

What do the dead do?

The concept of an immortal soul is missing from the Bible. It is written that the soul is mortal. “A sinning soul, it will die” (Ezekiel 18:20). The corporeal mind of man does not ascend to heaven after death and does not plunge into hell. Spirit (mind and memory) go to God: “And the dust will return to the earth, which it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it” (Ecclesiastes 12: 7).

Scripture compares the state of death with sleep: “Enlighten my eyes, lest I fall asleep [asleep] to mortals” (Psalm 12: 4). The word "rest", which is used in the Bible many times as death, is translated from the original "sleep, rest." However, death, in contrast to ordinary sleep, is a complete cessation of life. After death, there is no joy, no sorrow, no thought. “His spirit goes out, and he returns to his land: on that day [all] his thoughts disappear” (Psalm 145: 4). Therefore, the dead do not participate in the affairs of the living: “The living know that they will die, and the dead do not know anything, and there is no retribution to them, because their memory has been forgotten, their love, their hatred, and their jealousy have already disappeared, and no longer what is being done under the sun ”(Ecclesiastes 9: 5, 6).

Can we communicate with the dead?

Sometimes people who have lost loved ones are desperate to contact the dead, and sometimes the dead themselves seem to come and talk to them. But the Bible clearly says that the dead are sleeping. Therefore, between the living and the dead, no connection can be established. But Satan continues to deceive people, posing as their near and dear ones, while revealing secrets that only the dead could know. This is not difficult for him, since he is even able to take the form of an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).

God condemns any communication with the other world, because he knows who goes on communication with people: “Do not turn to the callers of the dead, and do not go to the wizards, and do not lead yourself to desecration from them. I am the Lord your God ”(Leviticus 19:31).

The Bible describes the story of how the king of Israel, Saul, came to the sorceress to summon the spirit of Samuel, the prophet of God (1 Samuel 28: 7-14). If it were really the spirit of Samuel, then it turns out that the sorceress, the servant of the devil, calls the righteous from heaven - if we assume that the soul of Samuel ascended to heaven after death. It turns out that the devil commands Christ to send Samuel. In addition, we see that the spirit did not descend from heaven, but leaves the earth. Therefore, it becomes clear that in the image of Samuel the devilish spirit came out. Demons are able to take the guise of the dead, even the righteous, and speak like the righteous. Often people who come to the dead talk with them, and they answer them. Now you know whose hands it is, when the dead come to you in a dream, are as if in reality. The devil does all this to turn people away from fellowship with the living God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Will man live again?

Jesus at Calvary Cross defeated death. After His Second Coming, the righteous will again live forever, only in new incorruptible bodies. “The will of Him that sent Me is that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day” (John 6:40). The wicked will die a final death. “And whoever was not recorded in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20:15).

How to talk with the deceased in a dream?

In most cases, the death of loved ones takes us by surprise, even if it is expected when a person, for example, is terminally ill. One of the easiest and relatively safe ways to get in touch with the deceased is to see him in a dream. Our dreams are a fine line between the familiar world and its reflection. It is on this periphery that a person can communicate with spirits, provided that he can call them.

In order to talk with the deceased in a dream, you should use a few simple rules:

    Learn to separate your emotions from thoughts.. Going to bed, you should be in a state of absolute calm. Any extra thought can bring down the necessary mood.

how At least a week before your planned contact, you should begin to train your mind with lengthy meditation.. Thus, you can better feel your mind and body, lead them to complete harmony and interaction. Self-control is what you will need first of all during communication with the deceased. You must be sure that at any time you can wake up if something goes wrong.

Start training memory + imagination. The memory must be beautiful so that you do not forget your dream. For at least a week every morning, say out loud what you dreamed. This will give your brain the necessary setting. Imagination is also necessary, because your dreams are the ability of the mind to process the information received over the entire time in a given way.

Learn to turn off your thoughts.. During contact with the deceased, your consciousness should not only be open, but also empty. Thoughts about work, children, a loved one, or problems can greatly interfere with your mood. Several times a day, try to turn off your own thoughts, not to think or regret anything.

  • On the day you planned to contact the deceased in a dream, go to bed with a certain attitude. Many scientists believe that when falling asleep, a person sees at night what he has been thinking about for the last 10-15 minutes. Push your brain, ask it the necessary installation. Remember your last conversation or meeting with the deceased, mentally call him to your dream.
  • The most important thing to remember is to see the deceased in a dream is not considered a good sign. Be careful and careful. In most cases, the dead visit us to warn of imminent danger, to warn against the machinations of ill-wishers. After such contact, you need to clean your energy balance - go to church and put a candle behind the repose of the deceased, or visit the cemetery and put flowers on his grave.

    How to talk with a recently deceased person before 40 days?

    It is believed that it is best for the deceased to contact if 40 days have not passed since the death. According to Christian teachings from the Bible, the soul of the deceased is 40 days after death on the periphery of the world of the living and the world of the dead, waiting for the Last Judgment. After it, the spirit of a person goes either to heaven or to hell, or if you look at other religions, he moves to a new, just born body, and begins life anew.

    While the soul of the deceased has not yet completely completed its cycle, man can contact him in several ways:

      To dream. The easiest and safest method. Contact occurs in the human subconscious. You have full control over the communication and you can interrupt it at any time.

    See while in trance. There are several hypnosis techniques that can, at a certain level, separate a person’s consciousness from the body, allowing him to find contacts with ephemeral entities. At such moments, a person is completely dependent on the hypnotist, because he alone can not get out of a trance state.

    Write a letter. This method is based on the idea that a person is able to transfer his thoughts and emotions to paper, to give written energy. All unexpressed feelings and unsaid desires should be invested in such a letter. After writing, it should be burned, since the strength and information that it contains will be transferred to the addressee after cleansing the paper with fire.

  • Conduct a seance. To do this, it is best to turn to a professional psychic. Acting on your own here is very dangerous, because you do not know all the rules in dealing with the soul of the deceased. The slightest mistake and consequences can become the most deplorable.
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    Can I talk with paper?

    Another way to talk to the deceased is this is a common fortune telling with paper and saucer. You will need a Whatman paper or a large sheet of white paper in A5 format. Draw a large circle in the center of the sheet, you can use a compass or do it by eye. On its perimeter write all the letters of the alphabet.

    Inside the circle, draw another one, but smaller. Around it should be written the numbers from 0 to 9. And finally, in the very center of the sheet, inside the small circle, write the word "Yes" in capital letters, draw a straight line under it, turn the sheet over and write the word "No" over it. Your spiritualistic board for communication with the spirit of the deceased is ready.

    Now you can go directly to the call and contact with the deceased. Such sessions can be carried out both at night and during the day. But if you do this during daylight hours - curtain the windows, the room should be dusk.

    Lay on the floor or on the table, looking at what you will guess, a large section of black cloth, put a drawn spiritualistic board on it. Place a lit church candle in each corner of the sheet; red or yellow candles made from natural beeswax are best for this fortune-telling.

    To contact with the other world you also need a small saucer. It is best to use the new and in no case eat or drink from it after the ritual. Draw a large arrow on it and place it in the center on a piece of paper. Sit opposite, put your hands on a saucer and mentally focus on who you want to chat with.

    Now everything will depend only on how much your consciousness is open and able to perceive emanations from the world of the dead. Ask your questions, you will feel pressure on the saucer. Thus, the deceased will direct the arrow to a specific letter, number or unambiguous answer.

    other methods

    You can also talk to a dead person with a simple church candle. Best of all, such rituals work out on the night before major church holidays, for example, before Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, or the Annunciation. Wait until midnight and light one long candle.

    Imagine the image of the deceased and call him. You need to invite him to your house, since few ephemeral entities manage to get into our world independently, of their own free will.

    You may feel a slight tingling sensation at your fingertips, a chill on your skin, a shiver, a gust of wind in an enclosed space, or someone's gaze. All this will testify that the spirit came into contact with you and is ready to communicate. Ask him questions that interest you. If the candle flame flutters, then the answer is positive, if it burns exactly - negative.

    Opinion of the church

    The Church negatively refers to any human attempts to contact the other world.. The priests teach us that we should release the soul of a deceased person in time, because otherwise it can be permanently stuck in this world. If you disturb the peace of the deceased, grieve over him, cry, call upon him, this will put his soul in agony, deprive him of the peace that death should give.

    In addition, according to the Christian religion, it is not the souls of dead people who most often come into contact with a person from the afterlife, but devilry and other evil spirits. She does this in order to subject a living person to temptation, seduce and seduce him. Often, an unclean person may even try to enter the body of the person who is conducting a spiritualistic session. Such cases in religion are known as obsession.

    Be that as it may, it should be remembered that any contact with the dead is a very dangerous and energy-consuming task. It takes away a lot of vitality from a person, after the rituals you can feel severe fatigue, dizziness and nausea. This is because, having come to this world, the soul of the deceased will feed on your aura, which can be extremely fraught for people with poor health.

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    How to contact the dead

    1. Examine documented and scientifically proven clinical and empirical evidence that death is not the end.

    Such evidence proves that life continues after our physical body dies. In addition, this is clear evidence that sooner or later a meeting will be inevitable.

    There is scientific evidence for this theory, as well as statistics and facts that you can find in serious scientific research.

    Death is not the end, but simply a new beginning to the next stage of life - proponents of the theory that there is life after death say so.

    One of the easiest ways to connect with your deceased loved one is to have a simple conversation.

    Start communicating with him as if you were talking with a living person who is present next to you.

    But you need not just talk in the air. Pick up a photo of the person you are trying to communicate with and send her or him your message, oral message.

    Of course, it is best to do this in a quiet place where you can retire and you will not be disturbed by distracting external factors.

    Start with very simple questions that should be answered with a yes or no answer. Ask your invisible interlocutor to respond in a certain way, for example, the answer “yes” is a knock on the wall, and the answer no is silence.

    Try to release as much as possible the feeling of fear, embarrassment, or any other sensation that may interfere with the communication process.

    You should talk with your loved one as if he was present with you in the room. Do not think too much about what you need to say and in what order, just try to pour out your thoughts as sincerely and directly as possible.

    Communication with those who have left us is the most difficult and at the same time the easiest of all existing types of communication.

    Let go of all preconceived notions, thoughts, clear your mind and just say as if your loved one is here in front of you.

    Communication with the dead

    Our dreams have amazing power. They can connect us with new, with old, as well as with very strange places and objects.

    Pay close attention to your dreams, because your deceased loved one may try to contact you through a dream.

    When you sleep, any barriers and restrictions disappear, so it becomes easier for someone in the spiritual world to contact you. You can address them through your dreams.

    To continue communication in a dream, you need to plunge into it again. One way to do this is to allow yourself to return to the dream from which you just woke up. Close your eyes and focus on this dream - imagine that you are already in it, and try to keep this thought until you fall asleep again.

    When you manage to take control of your dreams at least a little, you will be able to communicate with the deceased loved ones who come to you in dreams.

    Sometimes, if we want to establish contact with our deceased loved ones, we need to renew our consciousness. And one of the best ways to do this is meditation.

    Communication with the dead is usually not explicit, it occurs under certain conditions and at a certain time. This communication is rather some kind of light and transparent. To be able to recognize it, you will need sharpened feelings and a calm mind.

    But what if meditation does not aggravate our senses and soothe the mind?

    To meditate correctly, turn to a comfortable sitting position and find an object on which you can focus your attention, such as a tree or other object that attracts your attention.

    Try to keep this in your mind by not letting other thoughts invade and not blaming yourself for wandering your thoughts. Stay in this state as much as you can.

    In the end, you will learn how to maintain your meditative state for quite some time. Once you succeed, you can focus on the face and image of your loved one with whom you want to communicate.

    This helps to “tune” yourself to the right communication.

    If you yourself are unable to make contact with a departed loved one, you may need the help of someone who knows how.

    It can be a medium or just a person endowed with certain psychic abilities, which will connect you with the souls of deceased loved ones.

    Unfortunately, finding such a person is not easy. Most of the so-called psychics or mediums are ordinary scammers who are simply looking for easy money. They want to make more money by cheating gullible people.

    Do not let your despair mislead you. Вполне логично, что вам очень хочется получить весточку от вашего близкого человека, который покинул этот мир.

    Однако, есть много тех, кто может воспользоваться подобной слабостью и вашей доверчивостью. Dishonest people may try to mislead you by manipulating them very finely, getting the information you need from you through leading questions, and then they will tell you what you want to hear.

    Unfortunately, there are very few who truly have similar abilities to connect with the world of the dead.

    If you are a believer, then the surest way to communicate with your deceased loved one is through prayer.

    By the way, the church accepts this particular way of communicating with deceased loved ones, denying various magicians and sorcerers.

    Almost every religion includes beliefs about what happens after death, and in most cases it is about life after death, and that our deceased relatives are aware of what is happening in the realm of the living, they can also contact us .

    Therefore, do not be afraid to turn to God and ask him to have your loved one receive your message.

    It will not necessarily happen that your deceased loved ones will answer you - and indeed, in some faiths it is forbidden to try to conduct two-way communication with the dead, but they will certainly hear you.

    In most cases, it is recommended that you give a prayer so that your dear and close departed person will hear you.

    Try to remember that the spiritual world is a very thin and fragile substance, and, as mentioned above, you need a calm mind and a pure heart in order to connect with a loved one.

    Your faith is the strongest feeling in the world, so if you really believe and put your heart and soul into prayer, your loved one will definitely hear you.

    7. Take his favorite thing.

    If you have any thing that belonged to your close deceased relative and was of special value to him, take it.

    You can use such a thing to try to establish a connection with its former owner.

    Mediums also call for the use of things of a deceased person to establish contact with him. And in combination with one of the above methods, this method should work better.

    It is known that material things can absorb and preserve a person’s spiritual energy during his lifetime, and over time can even improve your connection with their previous owner.

    This method is especially effective in combination with meditation. Let the object (the thing of the deceased) become the center of your meditation, discard extraneous thoughts. This will help create a powerful relationship with the person you are trying to make contact with.

    In your desire to establish contact with the other world, be patient. Even the most perfect attitude and the purest mind can not always lead to the desired contact, and sometimes everything you get is just a weak sign.

    But open your heart and accept even the smallest communication with your near and dear one.

    Do not give in to disappointment, waiting for a solid reward in the form of a constant connection with your deceased loved ones. After all, even the most insignificant sign from the other world must be perceived as a small miracle.

    Always keep your heart, eyes and mind open so that you can recognize the signs in time, your awareness will become sharper and more receptive to signs from the other world.