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How to legally get rid of homeless people in the stairwell


Almost all gardening associations have land plots that are not used by anyone ... Not only are weeds fire-hazardous, so the landlords still do not pay any fees or taxes. The same applies to abandoned houses, homeless people bred dirt in them, drug addicts ... arrange dens and shelters. In high-rise buildings, the same problems are empty apartments ... where at any moment an old pipe or sewer can burst, wiring catch fire and bring a lot of inconvenience to neighbors.

How to look for the owner of such an abandoned property? Maybe it makes sense to give such a plot in good hands, to someone who, for example, really needs land? And give the apartments to the really needy? Well, if there is no master or he disappeared somewhere and left everything!

We had such an apartment thrown in the staircase, it was first looted, cut off everything that could be, then the homeless settled there, as a result, the mattress on which they slept lit up and two more neighboring apartments burned out.

Who has such a dangerous object in the neighborhood? Or who solved this problem of such a neighborhood?

What to do if homeless people settled in the porch

I live in the house of the former hostel of Chelyabinsk. Behind the wall of the apartment is a garbage chute. The room is large. The garbage collector is located at the entrance and there is simply empty space behind it. On the floor there are 16 apartments and 8 in another wing. Trash is left in bags. In addition, a man settled in the empty space., Bringing with him mattresses pillows. Insects appeared in the apartment (in particular, bugs. How to get rid of a person and block up the empty space for undesirable guests to access. Through the management company? And if the management company terminated the contract and the new one is unknown ?! Wait ?! Just what ...

If you look from the legal side, then a homeless person can be called a person who lives outside the premises related to the agreed list. And the term "without a specific place of residence" can be used to those who do not have registration. It turns out that the law is quite problematic to kick someone out of the entrance. A homeless person can live quietly and with impunity in the neighborhood. Or is it not so?

How to get rid of stray cats and cats

Almost everyone has watering sprinklers or sprinklers in the country. If you assemble a circuit for including them with motion sensors ... After all, all cats, except the Vendome ones, are afraid of water. Once they started talking about electronics: now there are many ultrasonic devices for scaring away various animals, including cats. Such a frequency of sound is configured that a person does not hear it, for cats it is not clear where the scream comes from.

You can scare the cat family by having a dog. But she is not needed to persecute cats. It is enough for the dog to go up the stairs several times, as stray cats will disappear. Domestic cats pretty quickly get used to the new neighborhood - they have a different mentality. After all, the homeless do not have constant food and shelter for several generations, they are already wild.

Homeless man in the porch

If, after a warning, the owner continues to violate the rights and interests of neighbors or if he does not use the premises for other purposes or without good reason, the court, at the suit of the local government, may decide to sell such premises from the public auction with payment to the owner of the proceeds from the sale less the costs of enforcing the judgment.

If the owner of the premises uses it for other purposes, systematically violates the rights and interests of neighbors or mistreated with housing, allowing its destruction, the local government can warn the owner about the need to eliminate violations, and if they entail the destruction of the premises - also appoint a proportional period for the owner to repair the premises.

How to drive a homeless person out of the porch

If a person does not have registration (permanent or temporary) on the territory of the Russian Federation, then the term "without a specific residence" is applicable to him.

Consequently, there is currently no legislative base for these individuals, but this does not mean that there is no way how to drive the homeless out of the entrance.

There are several services and institutions that can help if an unwanted guest lives and sleeps in your entrance who does not respond to the oral demands of the apartment owners to leave the entrance. For each of them a specific form of appeal is provided.

How to legally get rid of homeless people in the stairwell

quote: Originally posted by Raisych:
We have different methods. Morality, upbringing, attitude. Hence the misunderstanding. I don’t know how to kick a person lying down or pour, from GB, a person sleeping. It does not fit in my mind. And someone can, and even asserts itself, due to this, it turns out.
It is also necessary to explain why it is not pleasant and it is not clear?

I'm talking about the hospital, and about the clinic. A little drive away from Moscow - and the district hospitals are crowded year-round. Clinics - too. Queues for the coupon take a couple of months. Recently, GDP has shown this. He did not find anything better than to say that, they say, the electronic queue is necessary. You might think the electronic queue will help. The problem is that there is a prohibitive number of patients per doctor. Doctors in the park, they really do not have time to accept everyone. It is necessary to expand the staff and local health care has no money for this. But the feds do not really give money.

Is it possible to feed near the entrance of stray cats

Homeless animals can be fed near shops and porches, the main thing - do not litter and clean everything later. For example, we leave only a bowl of water (clean) in the basement window, so that it is not visible. Despite feeding, cats still hunt rats, you will not kill instinct. No ecosystem balance is upset moreover, many cats are still not accustomed to live on the street, as they are increasingly thrown out of the apartments by cruel owners.

The elder housewife strongly offended cats, trying to get rid of them by any means - but it would be better if he did not. Since there is a boomerang law, everything will return. Now this person will no longer be able to be the elder in the house - he had an accident, then a stroke.

What to do if a homeless man sleeps in the entrance of an apartment building

Among such places are called residential buildings, hotels, boarding houses, houses and recreation centers, medical institutions, other similar premises, which are done if a homeless person settled in the porch to find Russian citizens in them. Based on this, a homeless person can be called a person living in other places, including basements, entrances of multi-unit housing construction. The presence of homeless people is one of the main problems of modern society. These people should not be confused with beggars who are begging, but at the same time have their own housing. Homeless people have neither a place to live, nor identity documents. And if the homeless has settled in the entrance, it will not be so easy to expel him from there.

The fact is that according to the law, when drawing up the protocol, the maximum arrest time is 15 days. And sometimes the police do not want to draw up a protocol at all, and then the homeless people continue to remain in the stairwell. It is recommended that you write a complaint to the prosecutor’s office against unscrupulous police officers. It should be remembered about the responsibilities of the management company for the maintenance of the house.

How to deal with smoking, the presence of noisy companies and homeless people in the porch

Living in an apartment building, citizens need to take into account the peculiarities of coexistence with other people, respect other people's interests and rights, but at the same time, require them to comply with laws and elementary rules of communication. Being the owner of an apartment, Russians often face various troubles, such as smoking in the stairwell, the smell of sewers, dirt on the landing, idle elevators, young people gathering at night, etc. What to do in this case, and where to complain, are there effective ways to fight for cleanliness and order in the house?

Managers themselves must call the dignity. station, if rats are wound up in the entrance, but if they do not, you can place a call yourself. However, legal practice shows that a written appeal to the leadership of the Criminal Code will be an effective instrument of influence, otherwise managers can be re-elected at a general meeting of residents.

How to solve the problem with smoking cigarettes in the porch

As a rule, the ban is lifted when most residents smoke cigarettes. However, for this it will be necessary to choose a room or site that meets sanitary-hygienic and fire standards. There should be ventilation, as well as isolation from the rest of the space.

To get rid of uninvited guests, you can and should contact the police. It is enough to write a statement describing the situation in detail. Law enforcement officials are required to respond to the appeal. If a homeless person is found in the entrance, you can immediately dial 02. An outfit will arrive that will pick up the homeless person.

We legally get rid of neighbors of drunkards and brawlers: samples of the application to the district and collective complaints

It is unlikely that it will be possible to resolve the issue peacefully, since talking and appealing to the conscience of a person with inappropriate behavior is practically useless. A simple complaint is likely to cause aggression on the part of the drinking citizen. Therefore, you can talk with him only when he is sober.

Every violation from a noisy neighbor is worth nip with police. You can call outfits or seek help from a local police officer. By the way, yours will be much more effective joint actions to solve the problem with other residents of the house.