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How to learn to walk in heels


Not all girls can gracefully walk in stilettos. Life hacker will tell you how to learn this and not to hate a high heel.

Having spent all his life in sneakers or berets, it is difficult to imagine that suddenly you need the ability to flutter in elegant boats. But the situations are different: someone gets a job with a strict dress code, someone falls in love, and someone accidentally finds on the sale the very shoes that would be a pity to just put on the shelf.

Where to begin?

You need to start by buying the right shoes. Make sure the shoe is right for your foot. It is important to guess not only with size, but also with the fullness of the foot. Keep in mind that by the evening the leg swells a little, so choosing shoes is better in the afternoon. Do not be shy to ask the seller to bring you a fifth pair of shoes for trying on: he is here just to help you make the perfect choice.

Getting started training

The first steps are best done in your own apartment. Firstly, no one will see you here and you will not feel constrained. Secondly, walking on a flat floor is much easier than on dead asphalt or paving slabs.

For starters, it’s better to take small steps. Most likely, you will move more slowly than you are used to. Make sure that your knees do not bend when walking: bent legs are unlikely to produce the impression you need.

The heel should touch the first floor, and only then can weight be transferred to the toe. So the load on the joints will be less, which means you will get tired more slowly.

When walking in heels, it is important not only how you put your feet, but also the position of the body. The center of gravity needs to be shifted a little forward - this will help you maintain balance. And of course, remember to keep your back straight. Beautiful posture will make your walk truly magnificent!

Do not forget about the rest

Most likely, from an unaccustomed habit after walking in high heels your legs will hurt. This is normal. You are not afraid of unpleasant sensations in the muscles the day after an intensive exercise in the gym?

A little tip: do not go on long walks until you feel confident. Otherwise, you run the risk of hating any kind of shoe that is not flat.

As in the case of sports, starting to walk in heels should be gradual. For the first day, half an hour will be enough. And just getting used to the shoes, you can increase the time spent on your feet. Very soon you yourself will be surprised that running on mind-blowing stiletto heels is no more difficult than running in sneakers.

What is the secret of walking in heels

To fans of sneakers and ballet shoes, their adventure with heels should begin gradually. Do not forget that the foot should get used to changing the position. Therefore, we leave shoes with a thin stiletto for later. If you immediately put your feet on a too high heel, you can earn corns and bone pain and the romance with heels will quickly end.

The best learning method will be to increase the centimeters with each new shoe model. Wedge shoes are a good choice for beginners.

Trends this season encourage those who learn to walk in heels. Designers are moving away from super high heels in favor of not large heels. Women's shoes with a small heel up to 5 centimeters are a hit of the season. Many collections include stylish high-heeled pumps. If we are not following fashion, wedges with a stable sole are a good choice. Remember that success depends on the stability of the shoe. The ability to walk perfectly is to choose the right type of heel. If we cannot catch the balance on thin stiletto heels, perhaps we should switch our attention to the shoes with massive soles that are fashionable this season. Another important task is to choose the size. Perfectly made shoes will not reap and create corns. Beginners can be helped by silicone insoles for shoes.

Basic principles for beginners to walk in heels:

1. Good quality shoes. When buying high-quality shoes, of course, you will be delighted with its durability and strength. Such shoes will last a very long time, and its additional advantage will be the fact that most often such shoes are much more comfortable.

2. Too high. On the shelves you can see shoes with a 12-centimeter heel. These shoes are not designed for everyday walking. If this is your first time choosing heeled shoes, select a model with a 5 cm heel.

3. Driving a car. The car should not be driven in high-heeled shoes. To do this, it is better to choose sneakers or ballet shoes.

4. Do not wear heels constantly. Even if it seems to you that your high-heeled shoes are very comfortable, do not wear them all the time. An unnaturally high heel can cause changes in the legs and spine and lead to chronic pain.

5. Select the height of the heel to the size of the legs. Most models that show shoes have large foot sizes and matching heels are chosen for them. If the foot size is 35-37, very high heels should be avoided, as they will be very uncomfortable and will also harm the health of the legs and back.

6. Caution. Any uneven sidewalks, trellises, paving stones or grass can cause dislocations or fractures. You should carefully look under your feet and forget about running or jumping.

7. Learn gradually. To train your legs in raising, start from lower and wide heels. Then you can choose summer sandals on a low, but thin heel to learn to keep balance. Gradually increase the height. When you decide to take the first steps in high heels, start with stable heels that will keep your heel nice. Real stilettos dress only when you get used to and learn to walk in wide heels.

8. The right heel. How to check that the heel is not too high? Put on your chosen shoes in the store, stand on a hard surface and make sure that you are able to rise on your toes. If not, then the shoes you choose have too high heels for you and should look for something lower. If you buy such boots, then over time there will be a sharp pain, and while walking your knees will run forward, which will look very funny.

9. Walking. Take small steps. High-heeled shoes significantly reduce stride time. Remember that the higher the heels, the less steps you will take. Try to keep your legs as close to each other as possible. Models, when walking in heels on the catwalk, cross their legs one in front of the other, which causes a natural beautiful sway of the hips. However, this art is difficult to master. Initially, try to keep your step equal and your feet to stay a short distance. Make sure your knees do not bend more than when you are walking on a flat sole. You have probably seen how girls move in heels with bended knees. Do not do the same. If you have the opportunity, try practicing in front of the mirror.

10. Training makes the champion. Be sure to try walking around the house in new shoes before going to an important meeting. You can walk around the apartment or go for a short walk. Thanks to this, the sole is slightly wiped and it becomes a little less slippery, and as you know, in restaurants, hotels or other rooms where balls and banquets are held, the floor can be very slippery. During exercises, try to walk in different directions. You should feel free in the shoes - go, stop, turn and go again. Try also dancing, it is possible that you are going to put on shoes in a place where you will most likely dance, turn on the music at home and check how it turns out. Move across different surfaces to see how your shoes behave.

11. The stairs. When we go up, we put only the forefoot on each step, and when we go down, we need to put our whole foot on the step. On the stairs it is worth supporting yourself with a handrail and, of course, with a good male shoulder.

12. Excursion to the supermarket. In the store you can learn to walk in heels. A wheelchair on wheels will help to maintain balance and posture, thanks to which a beautiful step is worked out. And slippery floors in this kind of shops will be a problem and inconvenience.

13. Rest for the legs. When you practice walking in heels, you need to sit down approximately every 20 minutes to relax without taking your shoes off your feet, and then continue on. When you are out of the house, you need to give your feet minutes of rest, sit down, but don’t take off your shoes, because they will start to hurt more and there may be problems with putting them on again. Shoes can only be removed after returning home.

14. Soft pads. In stores you will find these in different shapes and different thicknesses. Place them in all places where you feel severe pain after putting on and wearing shoes. You can use them at will, they will increase comfort when walking.

How to walk on stilettos - choose the best method

Training in walking with heels begins with a workout at home. The art of walking in heels is not only taking confident steps, but also the ability to keep balance while standing. This is important at the very beginning. This step is often undeservedly overlooked. Thanks to the exercises at home, we will check whether the new high-heeled shoes are suitable for a full-day work trip or whether they should be left for a short walk with friends. It is also worth doing some squats and jumps to check the strength of our shoes and their stability.

High heels should not hamper movement, moving on them a woman should look natural and elegant. If you walk in heels ineptly, you can incur ridicule. Do not bend your knees excessively, twist your calves and steer your feet toward the center - to club. Beginners will benefit from heel-to-finger exercises. The order of starting a new step is important here. We always start with the heel, and end with the toes.

Another useful method is to represent an invisible line along which you need to follow, like a model on the catwalk. Do not take too big steps. When walking in heels you should always watch the space in front of you. Caution is the foundation of all fans of platforms, stilettos or wedges.

High heels only for self-confident women?

Not without reason, high heels are a symbol of strong women. Wearing high heels you need to look elegant and feel confident. A hunched woman walking uncertainly in high heels looks funny. The basic principle of walking on super high heels sounds like this - take your time. Women's stilettos were not created for running, but for a stylish emphasis on femininity. When putting on your heels, you automatically stretch out to catch balance and stability. When the legs are studs, we pay more attention to where we are moving and how we are moving.