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How to get a temporary tattoo with nail polish


Flash Tattoo - a super-fashionable novelty of last year, which flew around the world and, no matter how surprising it was, took root in the design of nails. I made this design a year ago, but did not manage to publish it in the summer, when these accessories are especially relevant, so I postponed the post and still decided to remember it now, in the midst of summer season vacations. Therefore, if you are going to the sea, I advise you to read it!

Flash tattoo are temporary tattoos of metallic gold and silver colors (mainly). They are absolutely harmless to health and are self-erasing over time. High-quality flash tattoos have good resistance to moisture, so they can last on the body with proper care for up to one week.

Flash tattoos are made of plain paper, foil and glue, so they meet all cosmetic standards and are hypoallergenic.

It is very easy to apply a tattoo from a flash tattoo at home, and this can be done in a variety of places. To do this, just select the appropriate version of the picture. The most popular are Flash Tattoo in the form of a chain, imitating bracelets on the hands (and it is very possible to make several different bracelets at once), rings on different phalanxes of fingers, tattoos in the Boho style, various geometric shapes and patterns.

Such tattoos will look especially impressive on the beach when they shimmer brightly in the sun! But you can use them in the design of nails, giving it in this way a peculiar highlight.

How to apply flash tattoos

The same technique is used to stick flash tattoos on the skin or nails. At the same time, in the design of nails using flash tattoos, the most often used method is when the tattoo moves smoothly from nail to skin, therefore it is better to choose long tattoo designs in the form of chains in this case. So, the technique for creating a nail design with flash tattoo is as follows:

  1. Apply varnish to the nails and let it dry completely. The use of two colors of varnish looks beautiful, one of which is metallic, but then the tattoo itself is best done on the other nail.
  2. Cut out a tattoo design of the size we need. It is better to try to cut it as close to the border of the picture as possible.
  3. Remove the transparent top film from the picture. You can feel stickiness on the tattoo itself.
  4. We apply the flash tattoo picture with an adhesive layer to the skin partially on the nail and partially on the skin on the selected nail.
  5. Wet the cotton pad with water and blot the tattoo paper with it until it is completely wet.
  6. After 30 seconds, the white, soaked paper can be removed. You do not need to wipe it, the tattoo should dry itself.
  7. A fixing top for varnish is applied over the design.

On the extension of the finger or on other fingers on the phalanges closest to the nails, you can add flash tattoos in the form of rings. Then the whole composition will look even more harmonious.

On fingers, a flash tattoo lasts about 3-5 days, but under a layer of a good top, it can live longer.

Flash Tattoo Care

Flash tattoos are moisture resistant, so you can not be afraid to bathe, wet your hands or sunbathe with them. But due to the fact that it is still temporary, for the integrity of the picture Not recommended:

  • Soap the area with the tattoo,
  • Try to minimize friction with clothes,
  • There is no need to apply various kinds of creams, including sunscreens, because they contain substances that dissolve the adhesive layer of flash tattoos.

How to remove flash tattoos

If you needed to remove flash tattoo from the skin before it was erased by itself, then this can be done with any cream or oil. Just apply it to the place of the tattoo and massage, after which the tattoo will be easily removed.

You can buy flash tattoos now in almost any cosmetic store - they have become very popular, and they cost quite a penny, even less than a bottle of the cheapest varnish!

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We make a temporary tattoo at home using an inkjet or laser printer.

There is an inkjet printer in almost every home. Prints a printer with water-soluble or pigmented ink. It remains to purchase a special Inkjet Tattoo Transfer Paper Lomond.

Lomond Transfer consists of two sheets:

  • film sheet with an adhesive layer and a blue backing
  • a sheet of white glossy paper for printing images

Only a thin layer of hypoallergenic adhesive with a printed image is transferred to the skin.

For printing a transfer tattoo on a laser printer recommend transfer Magic Touch Tattoo Paper, which also consists of two sheets.

How to make a temporary tattoo

We select and prepare images for printing in a graphic editor that you own, for example, in Photoshop.

Why do we need a graphical editor?

A sheet of tattoo paper is A4 and we print only one image on a sheet. A graphic editor will help you use and distribute several images of different sizes.

  • Mirror images. This is especially important for tattoo inscriptions.
  • When printing, in the driver settings we set printing on plain paper in high quality mode.

We put the sheet with the printed image on the table, print up. The sheet with the film is separated from the adhesive substrate on the short side by 2 - 5 cm. We try not to touch the adhesive layer with our hands. We apply the edge of the film with an adhesive layer to the edge of the paper with the printed image. Press the film to the paper. Pull on the substrate and press the glue base. Smooth avoiding bubbles.

Drawing a transferable tattoo on the body

Cut the image along the contour with an indent of 2-3 mm. We select the area of ​​the body on which we will apply the tattoo, clean mine and remove the hard hairs, if any. It is not recommended, as with a real tattoo, to stick a temporary tattoo on a place of frequent bending.

We take our blank and separate the film from the paper. The glue will remain on paper. We apply the glue side to the prepared area of ​​the skin. Wet the paper from the outside of the tattoo with a wet sponge. We wait 30 seconds until the paper becomes elastic. Separate the paper from the tattoo. A thin transparent film remains on the skin. The tattoo will dry out within 1 minute. The temporary tattoo is ready.

A translated tattoo is kept on the body for 3-4 days or more, depending on the properties of the skin, place of application and external influences.

The image is removed with water and soap.

  • If a temporary tattoo is needed for a short time, before applying it, apply a thin layer of moisturizer to the skin, then it will be easier to wash off the temporary tattoo.
  • Do not glue on the skin just that printed image and go for a run. Sweat will flow under a thin layer of film and blur the image. Give the tattoo sticker time to dry.

Drawing a transfer tattoo on the nails

To apply a temporary image to the nails, prepare a file, print and connect the white paper with the image and the adhesive base. The size of the picture for nails should be slightly smaller than the size of the nails. We apply a transfer tattoo on dry nails. The application technology is similar to the application technology on the body. Temporary tattoo cover with colorless varnish.

The image is removed with a conventional nail polish remover.

Drawing a transfer tattoo on flower buds

The sticker on the flower buds is applied in the same way as on the nails.

A plant polish applied to a glued tattoo will add an attractive bud.

That's all. The masterpiece is ready for display.