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10 life hacks to help you sleep comfortably in a tent


The temperature regime of your room is of great importance, both for your health and for a good sleep. According to recent studies, a temperature between +15 +19 ° C is ideal for sleeping and promises these health benefits:

You reduce the risk of developing metabolic diseases

According to a study published in Diabetes, lowering the room temperature by a few degrees before going to bed helps reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, such as diabetes.

In the study, scientists conducted an experiment comparing blood sugar / insulin levels and the caloric costs of subjects sleeping at +23 and +19 ° C.

After 4 months of testing, the researchers concluded that those who slept in a room at a temperature of +19 ° C had a number of metabolic benefits. After sleeping in a cool room, the amount of brown adipose tissue (useful fat) of the subjects almost doubled. In addition, lovers of sleeping in a cool room also burn more calories during the day. These two indicators reduce the risk of developing diabetes and other types of metabolic conditions.

You look younger longer

Sleep at a temperature warmer than +21 ° C prevents the body from naturally cooling and the free production of melatonin, an important anti-aging hormone in the body that will allow you to look young longer.

In addition, the body's reaction to lowering the temperature is also the increased production of growth hormone - another anti-aging hormone. Thanks to this, you will look and even feel younger.

You fall asleep easier

When you go to bed, your body temperature drops. When the bedroom is too warm or too cold, the body will experience stress, slowing down your “internal thermostat”. This will make you awake for a period of time before falling asleep.

If the body does not provide the desired temperature, it will not fall into a deep sleep.

Sleep naked will help cool

One way to lower body temperature is to sleep naked. When you sleep without clothes, your body temperature decreases, and it becomes easier for your body to regulate it.

Going to bed nude, your body will also produce less cortisol, the hormone associated with stress and weight gain. By keeping the level at a low level, you eliminate the feeling of hunger and anxiety.

Sleeping naked with someone also helps ... in other ways

Couples who sleep together naked are more satisfied with their relationships compared to more modest partners.

Sleeping nudes have more open, intimate relationships. In addition, skin-to-skin contact releases the hormone oxytocin, which is associated with sexual “responsiveness,” which also improves individual health and psyche.

The presence of oxytocin in the body helps fight stress and other forms of depression, and also lowers blood pressure.

1. Check the equipment of the tent

Before you go camping, check if all the pegs and ropes are in place. Lay out the tent at home and make sure that you have all the necessary parts to install it. Typically, a tent consists of a waterproof tent and an inner lightweight tent with a mosquito net and a waterproof bottom. Pegs, frame arcs and ropes are attached to it, which hold the rag house in strong winds.

Do not be lazy and check if lightnings work at your tent. With the advent of darkness, not only cold, but all kinds of small creatures can creep up to you.

2. Learn to pitch a tent

It is very important! A crooked tent will not only confuse perfectionists with their appearance, but can also leak in the rain or fly away in the wind. To start, read the instructions - this has not hurt anyone.

Remember that the tent should be on a flat surface without any pits and bumps. Assemble the tent (tie all the ropes, stick the pegs, stretch the tent and close all the doors). In this position, the tent should not be put together. If it looks like a real flat house, then you can safely spend the night in it.

3. Stock up on a rug or mattress

Despite the fact that the tent is equipped with a waterproof bottom, it perfectly skips the cold. And if you do not want to freeze yourself something, then get a foam or an inflatable rug. A dense high-quality foam will save you from cold and moisture, but sleeping on it is pretty hard. Although in one or two nights you will get used to it, and your back will stop hurting. Put two narrow foams with an overlap so that the cold does not get into the gap between them.

An inflatable mat or mattress is softer than foam. Sleeping on such a bed is comfortable, but it costs five times more. Choose you.

4. Prepare a sleeping bag and blanket

If you think that a simple blanket in the summer will save you from the night cold in the tent, you are very mistaken. In nature, especially in the morning, it is very cold. Therefore, a sheet and blanket is only suitable if you have a heated tent.

The best solution is a sleeping bag. Choose it carefully and pay particular attention to the comfort temperature that is indicated on it. This is the temperature at which you will not freeze in a sleeping bag.

5. Bring a heating pad with you

She will not take up much space, but on a cold night you will be very pleased with her. A good option is a salt water heater: it is enough for a long time, it is safe to use. If the cold caught you by surprise, and you don’t have a special heating pad at hand, you can take a regular plastic bottle, fill it with hot water and put it in the sleeping bag.

6. Do not forget the pillow

Another important item that will help brighten up the nights in the tent is the pillow. You should not take with you a large homemade down pillow or dumka from the sofa. All this diversity will perfectly replace the inflatable counterpart. Inflatable pillows are sold not only in tourist shops, but also in hypermarkets.

Another good pillow substitute is a cover from your sleeping bag, in which you can put warm clothes, for example, a jacket. There will be order in the tent, and you won’t lose the cover.

7. Prepare insect protection

Mosquitoes, bugs, woodlice, spiders are not the most pleasant neighbors in the tent. To prevent insects from entering the rag house, close the doors tightly. If they have already crawled into it, then you can use a folk remedy - to hang bunches of tansy in a tent. But not the fact that you will find her.

It is possible to smoke with special coils, but they do not smell very nice and strongly smoke inside the tent. You will not want to sleep in such a room not only by insects, but also by yourself.

There is a modern way - a portable battery-powered device. It works all night, does not smell and makes noise, but costs more than spirals.

Do not wear woolen clothing on nature, as the scent of the wool attracts ticks.

9. Take a folding chair or foam for sitting

In order not to look for a decent log and not to sit on blankets, grab folding chairs or a foam-seat with elastic, with which it is attached directly to the tourist. Sitting on a chair or chair is very comfortable, but you can not remove the foam during the day. A “seat” will be with you wherever you go, and your hands will be free.

10. Prepare the lighting for the tent and grounds

In order not to stumble over the pegs in the night and not to look for things by touch, stock up on economical, but powerful enough lighting. Cover a transparent plastic jar with colors glowing in the dark. Better inside, so you don’t get your hands dirty.

Or tie a flashlight to a bottle of water, or you can even just put it on a smartphone with a flashlight on.

If you don’t have a tent, but there are a couple of cool ideas or ready-made projects that you want to share with the world, go to the campground of the “Volga-2017” forum, which will be held in the Samara Region from June 14 to 24. There, they will provide you with a tent and set it up correctly so that you can save energy for a busy forum program. Hurry, registration closes on May 15th.

Why is it important to sleep in a cool room

  1. You will reduce your risk of diabetes.
    If you lower the temperature in your bedroom by just a few degrees, your body will say thank you. You will reduce the risk of catching metabolic diseases, especially diabetes. An experiment was conducted, the results of which showed that the metabolism of people who slept in cold rooms improved. These people also burn more calories during the day. These two facts will save you from developing diabetes.
  2. You will look younger.
    High temperature blocks the release of growth hormone and melatonin into the body. These two hormones slow down the aging process. Therefore, if you sleep in a cold room, these hormones will be released more. And therefore, you will age more slowly.
  3. You will fall asleep faster.
    In addition to healing the body, you will receive practical benefits. You will be able to fall asleep very quickly, because your body will not need to adapt to the heat in the bedroom. If the room temperature is not comfortable enough for sleeping, there is a chance that you will not get enough sleep at all.
  4. Sleeping naked is good.
    Another way to cool your body is to sleep naked. Your body temperature will drop and it will be easier for your body to control it. In this regard, your body will secrete less cortisol. This is a hormone that is associated with stress and weight gain.
  5. Sleeping naked with someone can also be useful ...
    Couples sleeping naked have a more open relationship. During such sleep, the hormone oxytocin is released. It promotes physical and mental health. The presence of oxytocin in the blood increases stress resistance and suppresses depression.

If you reduce the temperature in your bedroom by just a few degrees, you will get a lot of advantages. Your body will age more slowly, you will feel happier, and you will also significantly increase your stress resistance. Try to start sleeping properly today!

Tell your friends about the benefits of sleeping in a cool room!

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A healthy person does not care how to sleep. It will be cut down instantly even in Africa or at the North Pole.

Pizdezh, I am at 16-19 even freezing under the covers

In the room I have 7 degrees, one minus is difficult to get out under the covers

Pug is cool and warm under the blanket

I like to sleep in a cold place, I just can’t sleep in a hot place, and it’s all true when it’s cold, I’ll go to bed quickly when I can’t sleep hot.

You need to know about the shortcomings. My comfortable sleep temperature is just about 19 degrees.
Railways wagons, where at night they are heated up to + 25 ... 26 - insomnia is guaranteed. Even branded coupes. You can add temperature there, decrease it - no. *

Another point is the hotel, if you are not alone in the room, especially with a stranger. He sleeps calmly at 23-24 degrees. And you suffer. To open a window with saving night coolness, but no ...

* There is a life hack: go to bed before 12 at night. For one reason they know, it is about 12 o’clock that the temperature begins to rise, reaches a peak by 1-2 o’clock in the morning, and at about 4 o’clock some passengers wake up from the cold. True, I still wake up all sweating and dry. But at least it turns out to sleep. Asleep at 2 nights is decidedly impossible.