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Do I need to preheat the oven


In order to bake or bake something, the oven must be heated to the right temperature. Although it only takes a few seconds to turn on the oven, it may take several minutes to warm up to the right temperature. Turning the oven on and bringing it to the right temperature is called “warming up”. Due to the fact that the oven usually heats up for a long time, most recipes recommend turning it on before you start the cooking process. In this article, you will learn how to preheat an electric and gas oven.

When to preheat the oven in advance

Take bread, for example. The heat to which the oven warms up helps the yeast raise the dough to the highest possible height before the loaf takes its final shape. If you place the dough in a cold oven, the bread will be flat, dry and will not chew well.

The same applies to the preparation of flour products from different types of dough, in which baking soda and / or baking powder (for example, muffins or cookies) are added for splendor. In order for soda and baking powder to work as it should, it is also necessary to quickly place the dough in an environment with a certain temperature.

The same principle applies in the preparation of any food of a complex form, which under some conditions can fall apart, for example soufflé, meringue or soft biscuits. Use it also when dealing with cake dough. In this case, the flour must acquire a certain structure before all the butter has melted, and this also requires heat. In a word, if you use flour or eggs in what you cook, then you need to preheat the oven in advance.

Determined by the "eye"

It is quite difficult to determine to what temperature the oven has warmed up without a thermometer. For example, if you need to bake chicken at a temperature of 180 0, how do you understand that the cabinet has already warmed up to the desired values? You can light an average fire, wait 5-7 minutes, and after making a smaller fire, put food in the oven. It cannot be guaranteed that in this case the desired temperature will be obtained, but according to the hostesses, in such conditions it is already possible to bake chicken.

But chicken or fish do not require accuracy, such as a capricious biscuit. What to do in this case? For cooking more demanding dishes, it is recommended to purchase a separate thermometer, intended for use in ovens.

When foods can be put in a cold oven

If cooking is not your favorite hobby and you do not really like to bother, then you are hardly attracted to the need to preheat the oven for baking. Do not worry: in many cases this is not necessary.

Fries, lasagna and many other delicious dishes should not be lush. They just need to be placed in the heat for a while until they are cooked. The same applies to all recipes in which the ingredients must be infused and soaked with each other.

In the same way, you can make delicious pasta with cheese. Just put them in the oven, turn it on and come back after a certain time. Baked apples? Do not wait until the oven warms up. Feel free to put them inside and bake until cooked.

In recipes, this is not always indicated, but it is best to rely on your eyes and nose in such controversial issues. Does the dish smell good? Was it golden crusted? Voila, it's ready. And you did not spend a single minute preheating the oven!

Folk receptions

Some 10-15 years ago, the hostesses, in the absence of a thermometer in the oven, used old, proven methods for determining the temperature regime. To understand to what degrees the oven has warmed up, you need to take a pinch of flour and place it on a baking sheet. Previously, the oven needs to be heated and the baking sheet should be covered with white paper. Pouring flour on paper, you need to observe how long it takes, it will change color.

  • If the flour is charred within a few seconds, then the cabinet has warmed up to 280 0 C.
  • A quick color change from white to dark means heating to 220 0 C.
  • When the hue changes slowly to a yellowish, the oven is heated to 180 0 C.

Oven Bread

There is another way to find out, without a thermometer, to what temperature the oven is heated. To find out how much to heat the oven to an average of 180-200 0 C, you need to light a fire in the cabinet, and put a piece of foil on a warm baking sheet. Then pour a small amount of sugar on top of the hill. Slowly increase the level of fire in the cabinet. As soon as the sugar on the foil begins to melt, it means that the temperature has reached 200 0 С. This indicator is quite enough for most baked dishes and baking.

Determine the time

If there is no foil, sugar or flour at hand, and you need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees, you can use the temporary indicator. Experienced housewives recommend detecting the time from the moment of setting fire. It takes at least 10 minutes for the temperature regime to reach the set parameters. Provided that the fire will be medium. Accordingly, with an increase in fire, the time for heating the cabinet decreases.

Cookies in the oven

It is recommended to adhere to such standards:

  • When you turn on a low fire, the oven heats up to a temperature of 180 0 C for 20-25 minutes.
  • At medium heat - 15 minutes.
  • With strong - 5-7 minutes.

Given the capabilities of the equipment

If the farm uses an old oven, craftsmen recommend calculating the heating time, taking into account the capabilities of the device. So, all ovens released 20 or more years ago are designed for a maximum heating power of 300 0 C. This means that for maximum heating, the gas supply valve to this burner must be fully open. If the valve is opened halfway, the oven heats up to 150 0 С. Then, using mathematical calculations, we get that the valve is open for the fourth part of the full circle starts, heating to 75 0 C. Therefore, to heat the oven to 180-200 0 С turn the knob half a circle and a little more clockwise on the makeshift dial by 8.

To summarize

Do not be upset if you are not lucky to have a modern oven with a lot of functions and features. Using the recommendations of experienced housewives, you can independently set the desired temperature in the oven. Remember that basically all dishes are baked at a temperature of 180-200 0 C. Using the tips above, you can easily preheat the oven to the required levels.